Multicolours belts

The winter’s belts 2021-22


We had to hide them for some time, bury them in the underworld of our wardrobe; yet they seem to want to peep out from every corner of our closet. After the emphasis of the waist-up dressing, over neglected designer belts are slowly making their way back into our everyday wardrobes.

This season, the formerly deprioritized accessory is anchoring some of the best reemergence looks. Whether it’s paired with trousers for a chic day at the office, or Tibi pants perfect for mountain weekend escapades, adding a vintage, woven leather, or studded belt helps to elevate just about any winter outfit.

Whether it is mini, maxi, coloured or total black we will have difficulty not to see it in the coming months in the top of the fashion panorama. For this great return in the spotlight, we at Florence Leather market have thought of a real guide on how to wear the belt according to fashion 2022.

Belt on sight!

Now the belt is worn on sight on coats, dresses, sweaters, and blazers; We are not talking about the belt in tone-on-tone fabric that is sold together with the coat, but of leather or contrasting belts. To wear at the waist without using passers-by. Do not be afraid to dare. Put on coats and cardigans over and then emphasize the waist with a belt, even micro.

The great classic

A must-have of the Milanese style: for winter 2021 back in its most essential variant: the leather belt. For a subtle dash of glam, mark your waist with a classic black leather belt: elegant and sophisticated it can never be considered an accessory too. If then you get out of the black routine try a cognac-coloured belt, the unexpected hue will make the combination chic t-shirt and jeans.

The chain belts

Gently chained up, ladies. This is the fashion that transforms a functional element like the chain into a style detail, to take the form of a thin belt that embellishes the looks of 2021. For all intents and purposes, it is chosen as a jewel to adorn the waist or hips: it rests on the pants, tightens the waist with skirts and dresses or closes a wide jacket.


No global

In a strictly globalized way making a difference has become a fundamental rule of the Fashion industry; Making each piece exclusive and suitable for your style seems to be an affordable luxury that we cannot give up. So how can a chain bracelet be customized with so many pendants, why not adorn the belts with charms or initials?

The belt bags

Don’t call it a fanny pack. Because, in fact, it is not. The new accessory that has depopulated among influencers and international stars, in fact, looks more like a belt with a handbag. Why so loved? Well, the answer is simple: comfort. After all, the discotheques are reopened, and it is essential to start studying practical look.

The shining touch

Jewel belts are a décor element that will finish your look of autumn winter 2021 2022. amulets and pendants, real jewels: A refined detail of couture inspiration to mark in a sophisticated way the waist. To be exhibited without fear in the new feminine street style, nostalgic and increasingly in.


Whether the name of the brand is morigeratamente engraved on the buckle as for Prada or hidden behind iconic symbols of the Maison as the hooks of Salvatore Ferragamo does not matter. If it is recognizable because the fashion wants the logo well in sight. 

You don’t have to choose the belt that best suits you and start showing it off. On our Florence Leather Market website, you will find a wide and detailed range of products that can help you to elevate your look on any occasion.


an artisan works the leather

The art of Tuscany leather goods

A story to tell..

There is a universe to be told behind the material of leather, the basis and protagonist of many, multiform possibilities in fashion. A story full of surprises that still today has not ceased to amaze, a story that goes back generations and has been consolidated into an entrepreneurial reality capable of guaranteeing the highest standards in the production process.

Tuscan leather goods

Italian leather goods are a guarantee of excellence in the world, and among the various tanning districts of the boot that Tuscany has a history and reputation particularly prestigious. The region is the beating heart of Italian leather goods production, especially high quality and luxury. Even today in this area coexist the most important international brands in the sector and small artisan workshops family-run, of which we of Florence Leather Market are proudly part and that today we want to tell… We are ready to immerse you in an exciting journey into our story. A real experience able to accompany consumers and lovers of this material within a framework of beauty, history, art and charm of the processing of raw materials.

leather goods

The tradition

The beginning of the history of Tuscan leather goods refers to two districts considered part of the Italian manufacturing tradition: The so-called “distretto del cuoio” that extends between several municipalities in the province of Pisa and Florence and the district of Santa Croce sull’Arno considered the true flagship of this manufacturing industry. It was in particular the craftsmen of this area that proved to be very skilled in the processing of leather, facilitated by the presence of the river and the forest reserve that surrounded the town, indispensable for the production of vegetable tannins with which leather becomes leather. The master craftsmen of the Florentine ‘cuoietto’ still work their products by hand, and make beautiful handbags, practical backpacks, but also accessories for tobacco, elegant wallets, and footwear.

The “Florentine Cuietto”

Centuries have passed but still today Florence and Tuscany have maintained a flourishing activity in the processing of leather. In addition to the obvious use of these materials in the clothing, accessories and footwear sector, leather binding of small desk objects, jewellery boxes, smoking and gaming items is very common. The artistic binding of leather objects is performed with an ancient technique that requires great skill. The technique is called “Florentine artistic leather processing” The object is covered with layers of leather very thin and light so that it adheres perfectly to the surface to be covered. Once covered, the artisan proceeds to the operations of decoration with applications of other material, with inlays or with engravings to fire. Despite the mechanization of some steps, the bulk of the operations is still performed by hand, with maniacal care and punctual quality control on each model. Even the stylistic proposal tries to remain consistent with the rustic-chic soul that has always distinguished the Tuscan leather goods, while trying to renew itself to keep up with the trends and conquer an increasingly wide audience.

Florence Leather Market offers a wide range of stylistic proposals made by our master craftsmen, in full respect of the great centuries-old history of craftsmanship that has made Tuscany famous all over the world.


black leather

Black leather addicted


Rock, classic, elegant, romantic, wild, sometimes fetish: black leather has a thousand languages and shades. An evergreen that does not know ups and downs, is a proven truth. The leather garments to show off from head to toe in a thousand shades are definitely «never without», as demonstrated by celebrities, social networks, and catwalks. Carrie Anne Moss and Keanu Reeves, but also Joan Crawford who cleans the Camperos boots for her in Johnny Guitar and Olivia Newton John and her copied leggings of Grease, are just some of the stars bewitched by the charm of black leather during their movies.


Black leather is always a great choice


girl with a black bag

With the arrival of winter, as every year brings with it the idea of wearing purely dark and winter colours. The air cools, the days get shorter, and the atmosphere goes down, a bit like our wardrobe and here we are ready to put away the pastel bags and to pull out our timeless black leather bag. And then you can buy new trunks, wallets, hand bags, cross-body, and bag Matrix effect! If you then decide to do the fashion upgrade of the moment you no longer focus on just a garment or an accessory to show off and highlight to give a more daring touch to the look. To be cool the skin must be worn up and down, a real “total leather”. But for our personal advice it doesn’t matter to wrap yourself from black leather from head to toe like Kim Kardashian at the last Met Gala 2021. 

For this fall/winter 2021-22 we recommend arming yourself with black leather accessories that will give us the grit necessary to get back on the bike after the summer break: shoulder bags, belts, backpacks, and clutch are the protagonists of the autumn wardrobe. The guide to how to wear them comes, as always, from the catwalks: there are those who dare pointing to total leather looks and those who instead adopt styling strategies in which black leather garments conquer with the right to name their title of must-have. On the podium of the non plus ultra-pieces of Fall Winter 2021- 2022 fashion, the trend in question arranges black high-waisted leggings combined with a white blouse with wide balloon sleeves, the look is completed by the clutch Alexa. For those who prefer the chic and feminine style we recommend pants in fabric drapes characterized by the closure with male belt in calfskin. In the international catwalks instead, it is the leather skirt to be the protagonist along with the minidress: both garments are worn with maxi-leather boots and are worn with pride. Just about the latter: the presence of leather boots in the season looks has more than reason to exist. Amphibians are no less important: combining leather garments of amphibians of the same material is always an interesting idea, not only because you can create an informal look with chic declinations, but because you can dress casually in a rather “rock and roll” outfit without appearing excessive. To succeed in this combination in a balanced way, simply add a very feminine note.


monticolor leather bags

Dye self-made


Every year the fashion world decrees the new pantone to which we must adapt, and as usual we leave in the wardrobe’s accessories with colours past. Or how many times has it happened not to wear your favourite bag because worn by the signs of time or maybe damaged by some clumsy friend?!
Although this material is quite durable, a leather bag may not be impassive over the years, piercing, scratching, losing the splendour of the original colour. What we can do?

Today Florence Leather Market will offer you a solution to all your problems, to give a new life to second-hand objects. In fact, it is quite possible to change the colour of a leather item at home and fix it right with your own hands!

Florence Leather market’s Tutorial

So, let’s see how to proceed thanks to this practical tutorial where we will explain in detail how to change colour to a bag (and not only) quickly and with a minimum expense.
To dye the bag it is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin, both on the surface and in depth. After dusting it with a soft cloth or brush, a deep cleaning is carried out using suitable cleaning solutions. For boots, do not forget to remove any buckles, while for shoes you need to remove the laces. For watch straps, you need to remember to clean the edges, punches, etc.
How to choose the colour:
The basic colour of the bag or accessory we’re going to treat should always be a couple of shades lighter than what you want to apply. This way, you can get full coverage. And above all we suggest you to go first from an intermediate colour, to let the skin assimilate the dye well and create a new “base” on which to apply the final colour: for example blue to get to black or light brown to get to dark red, and so on..

Woman with the dye in her hands

The secret of the dye:

Once cleaned and chosen the new colour of our “new bag” we recommend proceeding with a clinging to open the pores of the skin and facilitate the penetration of the dye inside the fibres. At this point we can apply the dye (we suggest you use water-based dyes, as they are easy to use and free of risks to the environment and health). To apply the colour on the bag, use a sponge and follow the instructions on the product label. Repeat this step twice, then let it dry.
We specify that the dye must be applied with regular, circular, and rapid gestures: it is necessary to treat the entire surface of the skin, in the most uniform and homogeneous way possible. Do not hesitate to repeat this as many times as you think necessary until the tonality satisfies you fully. Finally, we recommend that you use a fixative: as a paint, it will protect the skin dye and waterproof it.

The possibilities of modifying old objects and transforming them are endless; so, before you throw try to re-use! Continue to follow us on our blog to learn more secrets of this incredible material!


Dei pellami di colore divero

Saffiano leather


The history of Saffiano leather


This is a type of leather, used in the fashion industry. The name Saffiano comes from the cross-hatch print, pressed into the wax that covers the leather.

Saffiano leather was produced for the first time in one of the most famous fashion houses in Italy, invented by Mario Prada for many years it characterized the creations of the Maison before being exported all over the world.

Saffiano is a particular texture of calfskin leather, an icon 100% made in Italy, synonymous with beauty and luxury, which today has become a symbol of many collections of bags, belts and wallets of other top brands such as Michael Kors and Lancaster.This particular fabric is very used and requested because it is able to combine its great durability and resistance to any kind of stain in combination with a perfect elegance and class..

Origin of the name

Actually, this leather should be called Saffian, which is the name by which the material has been known for centuries, is the name by which the material has been known for centuries. Saffiano is simply the Italianization of the expression, introduced by the Prada brothers to give their products a slightly more Italian touch.

The leather is named after the Moroccan city of Safi, the material was imported from North Africa for before its complete manufacturing process became known in Europe. The French know Saffiano as Maroquin leather, the French name for Morocco. 

What characterizes Saffiano leather?

The hallmarks of this leather are its stain and scratch resistance and its water repellency.

The range of color choices for this leather is very wide, available in both vibrant and dark tones.
The choice of color does not stop only at the solid color but you can opt for two-tone effect. This can be obtained by applying a solid color to the entire leather and then embossing by applying a second color only in the embossed areas; however, it is important to pay particular attention in this case because due to the shape and the embossing, the secondary color on the reliefs will be more delicate and more exposed to wear, being the first point of contact.

How to take care of it

Saffiano leather is durable and taking care of it to preserve it at its best is not so difficult.

Inside each belt, wallet, briefcase, bag, shoulder bag, Saffiano leather accessory you will find a label that will list and explain how to take care of the object of craftsmanship, with manufacturing strictly Made in Italy.

First it will be necessary to empty our object, in order to remove light stains, small or little invasive will be possible to proceed to cleaning with a simple cloth in soft fabric slightly damp and pass it on the affected area very gently and carefully. 

Dirt, however, could also creep into the grain, so using a simple soft brush and also slightly damp you can go to gently scrub. The important thing is not to apply too much pressure in this step to avoid damaging the luster and grain pattern.

portafoglio e altri accessori in pelle

If there are more important stains it is advisable to use a stain remover specialized for that type of stain.

Usually this type of leather goods, due to their well-known delicacy, are sold with a dust bag, i.e. a special cloth bag to protect them from dust.

When not using the product it is advisable to put it in the bag described above.

You should also pay attention to the place where you store the object, it is advisable to store it in places away from direct sunlight and excessive changes in value.

If you don’t store it in this recommended way, the object could change its aesthetics and durability, the color of the leather could fade and the leather itself could deform.

It is useful to use a specific balm for this type of leather every now and then to keep it soft and preserve its original color and shine.

Recognizing the true from the false


Although Saffiano leather is uniquely recognized, each luxury brand adopts its own production and finishing methodology.

Nowadays there are many fraudsters who try to deceive by trying to recreate this particular plot; in order to understand and analyze a product, to accept that it is not counterfeit it is necessary to pay attention to the smallest details.

For sure this kind of craftsmanship is produced only in Italy: the production and treatment processes are very complicated and are kept by the tanneries of the Toscano district.

What makes it a luxury material is not so much the leather itself but the manufacturing process, with the unique finishing of one leather at a time through 12 finishing steps.

Observe if there is a multi-tone effect that makes the surface optically in relief and not flat through the different coloration that the tips assume with respect to the furrows of the weave.

The machine called mille punte takes care of ensuring this effect.