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Sustainable fashion


The stakes in the debate over leather are growing. Leather goods, largely handbags and shoes, are the biggest and highest margin category in the luxury sector. Fashion recognises the need to reduce its carbon footprint, and leather’s own footprint is relatively large as far as materials go because of the emissions associated with animal agriculture. The tanning process also relies on toxic chemicals that are harmful for workers and the environment. Even most vegan options are petroleum-based, which is not a particularly sustainable alternative. Still, leather proponents say that it would be wasteful to not use the hides left over from the process of meat production. It’s also durable, and therefore can fit into the “buy less, buy better” ethos.

What does ‘sustainable fashion’ mean?

Not to be confused with ‘ethical fashion‘ (although they often go hand-in-hand), ‘sustainable fashion’ essentially refers to how the clothing will affect the environment – in production, through sales and how it’s then transported and creates waste. Also, leather will never be an animal-friendly product: It is made of dead animal skin. However, the skin used to make leather comes from animals raised for their meat. In that sense, it uses a by-product from another industry, so it doesn’t actually need additional land and resources.

Conventional leather is heavily criticized for the environmental impact of the tanning process.  But leather can also be eco-friendly. There are not many options in the market yet, but they do exist.

sustainable bag that respects nature

How to shop more sustainability?

If you think shopping for sustainable brands means spending more money, you’re not alone – but Florence leather market‘s philosophy says first and foremost, a great way to be more sustainable is to simply work with what you already have. “Shop your wardrobe, it says. “Re-use what you have. Do clothes swaps with friends. And if you have to buy new, get informed and then seek out brands that are really trying to produce more sustainably, especially follow these good rules.

Here are some things you can do to curb your effect on the environment, when it comes to shopping for clothing:

  • Avoid trends, buy classic timeless designs                                                                                                            The absolute best, most sustainable thing you can do, when it comes to shopping for clothing, is to buy an item and wear it as frequently as possible, for as long as possible
  •  Buy the best quality you can afford                                                                                                                    With the same idea of avoiding trends so your purchases will last longer, you should also try to buy the highest quality (most durable) product you can afford.


  • Buy natural fibres, not synthetic                                                                                                                        Always buy clothing made from all-natural fibbers (like wool, cotton, linen, silk, hemp, etc), not synthetic fibres (like polyester, nylon, spandex, rayon, acrylic, etc).  


  • Know your size, and how to use alterations                                                                                                          One of the biggest reasons people throw-out clothing is because it doesn’t fit. Never buy the wrong size, even if it’s on a crazy last-chance clearance sale. You won’t wear it.

We hope this helps you. There should be nothing stopping you from dressing with style, in a sustainable way, on any budget. If you are interested in it, also read our article on “how Florence Leather market makes an eco-friendly business” 

Thanks, as always, for reading and doing your part. Together we can make a difference.


eco-friendly leather bag

Sustainable bags


You may be familiar with the best sustainable clothing brands, but where do you turn to when shopping for eco-conscious accessories? Knowing where to head for your next bag purchase is just as important when wanting to build up a sustainable wardrobe, whether you’re in the market for a summery straw tote, a classic faux-leather cross-body or an elegant bucket bag.

Researching a brand properly – understanding its process and materials used – is vital for making greener choices when it comes to our wardrobes.

Florence Leather Market: shop consciously

More than 30 percent of unwanted clothes end up in landfill every year, meaning our planet gets damaged as a result. It equates to around £140 million worth of used, but still wearable clothing, brought thrown away. That’s why it’s so important, now more than ever, to shop consciously. For those of you trying to spend in a more ethical and sustainable manner, but don’t know where to start, we’ve rounded up 5 of our favourite handbags that all operate using eco-friendly processes.

eco-friendly leather bag

Invest in our Severa 

Florence Leather Market hopes for a world where consumers know where their products were made and by whom. Our brand provides international market access, fair trade wages, and safe working conditions for its entire team, who, in turn, create beautiful, timeless staples. This collection of handmade leather handbags are crafted in Italy and are both stylish and sturdy, so you’re sure to stand out wherever you carry your bag. Our Severa  is a handbag handcrafted in Italy. The bag is created using genuine calfskin, tanned and worked in Florentine laboratories.

Greta is our philosophy

Florence leather Market emphasises how important it is for us to make the right choices, to deliver high-quality products whilst respecting its workers and the planet. The brand bases production on local crafts and uses only services of regional producers and suppliers, using Italian, tanned leather. Above all else, Florence Leather Market represents what it means to be sustainable in fashion today, by creating timeless pieces to invest in now and love for a lifetime. Greta has mastered the philosophy of timeless elegance and future-forward fashion. The leather bag is ethically made by artisans who are paid fair wages in safe factories. Greta is a bag/ backpack consisting of two large internal compartments, a pocket for coins and a pocket for smartphones. The accessory is available in many different colors, realizated  with an eco-sustainable dyeing process. 

Clelia, a genuine bag

When making leather goods, the material is sourced from hides that would have been otherwise discarded, using less energy than it takes to create vegan leather. The Clelia genuine leather bag is a compact and casual chic bag realised by a sustainable process. The accessory is characterized by calfskin embellished with original details, which do not go unnoticed. We know that our choices have an impact on the environment around us. The brand works to ease its own environmental footprint by sourcing sustainable materials, implementing ethical production practices and investing in styles that stand the test of time. 

If you’re looking to update more of your wardrobe, check out our fair trade accessory guide, and read our article on “how to shop more sustainable” .


leather belt

4 leather belts to refresh your style


Belts aren’t always the first thing we flock to when shopping for new accessories. Each season, we’re mostly drawn to the It bags, it shoes, and It jewelry. But don’t overlook the belt—the right one can be a game-changing styling tool, as seen on practically every major Fall 2022 runway. Great news then that the statement ’90s belt looks to be making a comeback, giving you an excellent way to re-style the pieces that are already hanging in your wardrobe. So, we can be fashionable and more sustainable at the same time. So, thanks BELT! 

However, if you still want to stay on top of the current trends and keep your look feeling fresh, one of the best ways to do this is by simply adding a belt to your outfit. It’s easy. And to help you to choose the right belt Florence Leather Market has selected 4  master-piece belts only for you.

A belt all Florentine

The proposal for this belt meets the needs of those looking for a timeless style and a versatile accessory for every use. Neogram is your answer to everything, with 4 different colours to choose from. A handcrafted leather belt with a removable brass buckle. Can hang elegantly or be worn tucked discreetly against the body. Designed to have an authentically antique look.

Cintura in pelle

a brown belt

If you’re in need of a refresher on how to style a belt this season, a brown belt with silver details will easily elevate those casual daytime outfits.We present you Serena, The accessory is made entirely in Italy, in the heart of Tuscany, more precisely in certified laboratories in Florence. Follow Bella Hadid’s lead and pair yours with cutoff shorts. 


Whether it’s paired with trousers for a chic return to the office, or cutoff shorts perfect for weekend escapades, adding a vintage, helps to elevate just about any winter outfit. The 35mm-long Neogram belt is classic in nature, due to the use of semi-glossy calfskin that gives it a more retrò look, but thanks to its finish and coarse buckle, Neogram stands out for its casual-chic look.

Timeless belts 

Thanks to The Florence leather market ’s classic designer belt, business casual has never looked better. Samanta is a polyhedral belt, as it can be worn both tight at the waist and just resting on the hips. make sure your closet has at least one timeless option in it. If you want to tap into the trend, but with something a little more subtle, then try sticking to one-tone and matching your outfit to your belt, as demonstrated stylishly by model Elsa Hosk.

These are just some of our models. To find out more, come and visit our online store and follow us on our social channels.


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The 5 Affordable bags


We consider leather bags to be an investment piece because they’re expected to last a long time and work with any outfit you wear. Much like your favorite jewelry, the right bag can completely change the look and feel of your outfit. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to give up an arm and a leg to purchase one. There are plenty of options under $200 as well as pricier ones, so you can decide how much you’re willing to spend on this ultimate accessory staple. From cute minis and stand-out, multicolour pieces to sleek, minimalistic bags, for less than your usual designer number, you can still pick up something special that will be a forever favourite.  Below, 5 of the best leather totes that’ll keep you organized—and looking v chic if I say so myself.

Shoulder bag and backpack in one accessory

Cloe is a shoulder bag that can be transformed into a practical backpack if necessary.Sleek and minimalistic, but with an extra little twist, the Cloe bag from Florence leather market will go with just about anything.The bag/ backpack consists of two large internal compartments, a pocket for coins and a pocket for the smartphone. A really great bag doesn’t have to break your bank completely. 

Our Best-seller 

We know, we know, cream colored bags can be tricky when it comes to stains and discoloration. But when it’s this beautiful, does it really matter? I think not. This classic shape will never go out of style, so you know you’ll be getting a timeless piece with your purchase. Babila looks like a shoulder bag in genuine calf leather type Shopping Bag, with double handle and leather lace closure. Inside it is lined with a soft suede, with the addition of compartments and dividers to make it spacious, lightweight and durable.Come and discover it at Florence Leather Market store.

woman's accessories


Florence Leather Market  is taking the bag world by storm with his next generation luxury bags. The “INNUE” is a popular style with its zipper closure and sturdy shape, so you won’t regret adding this one to your collection. This one is an obvious wishlist pick for those looking to carry light.

Just Exclusivity

Our genuine calf leather shoulder bag is distinguished from the simple “Be Exclusive” by its floral embroidered printed leather.A refined touch of pure genuine calfskin leather to give it an attractive look and the distinctiveness of the embossed design. A fun pattern and a classic shape will make this leather bag  a favourite in your wardrobe for years to come.

A guarantee

An olive-green style sans logo like this will have everyone asking where you got it from. Eloisa, a bag, a guarantee- Eloisa is a bag in fine saffiano leather, and handcrafted in Florentine laboratories. It’s an everyday silhouette that you’ll turn to time and time again when you’re running out the door for the day.  How cute! 

If you’re looking for a bag in the mid-price range, there are plenty of quality options on the market. come and visit our Florence Leather Market store. See you soon!


backpack and bags

Backpack or bag? Two accessories with different functions, choose which one you prefer


Men and women of different ages need accessories such as bags or backpacks for everyday life. They can be useful for many reasons: to bring the most important things, to go to work and carry computers and documents, to take a trip. An accessory like this is used all the time, so it’s more likely to get damaged or broken. If after our purchase we spend a few days and there is already something wrong, maybe the product was not of good quality.

To have a long-lasting, solid, and well-made product it is better to buy a backpack or a handmade bag made in Italy. This will make us spend a bit more at the beginning but will guarantee us a high-quality product, which we will not have to change from year to year. Buying handicrafts is always a good idea.

Why choose an artisanal leather accessory

A handmade accessory ensures a high quality since it is produced by hand and with excellent materials. Leather in Italy is worked with care and always guarantees durability. A belt, a wallet or a leather briefcase can last many years, even the whole life. The seams are resistant, the material is solid and hardly ruins. Compared to fast fashion products we will spend more, but we will have a top-quality product in our hands. By buying Italian handicrafts we make a sustainable choice, against too much waste of the market. Buying less but more quality products, in fact, is good for the planet, in addition to the fact that we support artisanal activities in place of large chains.

Choosing to buy a handmade leather accessory therefore has its great advantages: lasts longer over time, supports small and medium-sized realities, is a sustainable and ethical choice. In addition to this, these are objects that are very beautiful, designed and made with great care to never be trivial.

There are many leather accessories, the most used are backpacks and bags, but what is the difference between the two? And which is better for us? Let’s see what the main features of backpacks and bags are, and which is the right one for us.


leather backpack

A leather backpack is an almost indestructible accessory. We can put it where we want and always take it with us, it will hardly get ruined! You can use it for work, but also for a trip, and it can contain many useful things. Having always on the shoulders does not encumber us, indeed it will be very comfortable. There are backpacks of many colors and sizes, both for women and men, so there is an embarrassment of choice. Some models are more elegant, others more casual.

Everyone must have at least one backpack, because it is one of those convenient and useful accessories that can save us on many occasions. The backpacks can be adjusted and adapted to each person, even with different physicality.

Leather bag

A leather bag is a jewel that can last for years without ever showing a scratch. It can be small or very large, the important thing is that it contains everything we need. The bag is first a useful accessory for everyday life, but it can also be beautiful to show off with different outfits. Leather is a durable and elegant material, so we can wear a handmade bag for different occasions.

A leather bag can be a very special and beautiful gift to give to friends, colleagues, and relatives. Being a particular and very useful accessory will always be appreciated.

Where to buy leather accessories

Leather is a material that needs to be very worked before it can be used to create accessories. There are many steps to make it perfect and only those who are in the business know all the techniques. Its cost also depends on this, it is not a simple material like others, but must be treated and need the right skills to do so. The price is therefore justified, because we will have a product complete and well done, that with the passage of time will always remain the same.

In Italy we have a good market for leather goods, the important thing is to contact the right store. Florence Leather Market is a leader in leather goods and accessories, all its creations come from laboratories in the heart of Tuscany and are handmade by skilled and qualified artisans. From these products you recognize the real ones made in Italy and we will have with us an accessory that will last a long time.

Now that we have seen all the features of these accessories, we can evaluate whether to buy a backpack or a leather bag. It may be a good idea for both us and to give a gift to one of our loved ones.