All about the suitcase, history and origins of this travel bag


Made of cardboard, fabric, wood or even iron, the suitcase, although different from the one we are used to today, seems to have debuted early in our lives. 

The suitcase, the origins

The first accessory of a suitcase is dated, in fact, XIV century B.C. and was found in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

Already then, about fifty boxes with fabrics, cosmetics and various everyday objects that would serve the famous character of Egypt who was preparing to make his journey to the afterlife. And it is from the journey, between the medieval fiefs, in the sea and land movements of the Greeks and Romans, in carriage at the beginning of ‘800 or for tourism in ancient cars, that arises the need to transport their material goods such as clothes, jewelry, shoes.

The large dimensions that characterize the ancient suitcases, called trunks, were also used as beds on which to lie to sleep, during the tiring crossings on the merchant ships.

Travelling, a few years ago in fact, meant moving slowly and, therefore, there were no quick and easy trips. In the middle of the 19th century, however, things began to change, technology was making giant strides, the means to go from one place to another began to be faster and the journeys were short. This led to a decrease also of the objects to carry with him and therefore to the dimensions of the suitcases.

The evolution of suitcases

The train journey spread quickly in this period and the suitcases from bulky and heavy trunks became bags, less rigid and easily transportable. With the cars, then, there was a further step forward, the luggage was reduced again to allow you to easily find space in the trunk of the car.

With air transport, which imposed limits on weight and space, there was a further turning point for suitcases. In 1950, first in America and then all over Europe, the capacious but lighter leather suitcases, perfect for boarding by plane, went crazy. 

From the leather suitcase, we then passed to the propylene one and, after that, to the trolley, the luggage par excellence of the trip.

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