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The business bag is one of the most sought after items, both by men and women, for its convenience in organizing useful tools for every type of work and for the status and elegance that attaches to the wearer.

To overcome this request, Florence Leather Market has created a collection of business bags with different types of models so as to be able to satisfy all the tastes of customers.



The indispensable features for a good work bag are not many. 

The purchase must be made mainly following three criteria:


Surely the quality of the leather and its processing play a fundamental role. 

Florence Leather Market uses only genuine leather worked by hand and tanned in Italy, this guarantees a long life product thanks to the 100% made in Italy quality.


When you buy a business bag you must always remember that it is a work object, therefore, it must be practical and functional. 

Florence Leather Market equips each bag with pockets (inside and outside) and various compartments so that you can put inside the right space everything you need on the job.


All the business bags offered by Florence Leather Market are characterized by attention and care detail.

The rounded leather handles help to soften the grip and some models have a removable and adjustable shoulder strap perfect to handle the weight in longer.


The business bags proposed by Florence Leather Market are the best both in terms of quality and for the wide choice of models and colors that is offered. Each person will have the incredible opportunity to opt for the preferred material, necessary size and style that they most prefer.

Elegant, durable and high quality, each model allows you to express your own lifestyle. All made of genuine leather, polished and vegetable tanned, in Italy!

business bag

Among the offers you can find hard or soft leather bags, two/ three compartments, notebook holder, briefcase model, folder and many other models… finding the business bag that best suits your tastes will be very easy!

Functional, professional, innovative design, the business bags offered by Florence Leather Market are a certainty for anyone.

So choose with confidence among the many models of business bags that you find in our wide catalog!


All models of business bags offered can be combined with our accessories: wallets and belts!

As you already know, elegance and style go hand in hand, so adding and combining the leather accessory carefully crafted by craftsmen in the industry will make you impeccable!

On our site you can find a wide selection of belts (woven, solid and double-face) able to match multiple different outfits, making you stand out with style and elegance.

In addition to the belts, Florence Leather Market has created different models of wallets, differentiating them in size, shape and closure but always maintaining the same unsurpassed quality that distinguishes the manufacture and the selection of the best materials.

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Florentine leather goods

The artisanal tradition of leather manufacturing was born in Florence almost a thousand years ago and it is still famous all over the world.

Leather processing has always had a consistent impact on the political and economic life of the city of Florence.


In the middle of 1100 began to form the first guilds of artisan who were then called Arts, among the minor Arts those that had more relevance were the Art of the Beccai, dedicated to slaughterhouses and the Art of the Cuoiai and Galigai dedicated to tanning and producing leather.


The word “Art” derived from the Latin “Ars” which meant “physical and mental ability to build something”. This word gives an idea of what the Florentine masters did: ability to create, shape and adapt, all skills that were and still are indispensable to be a Florentine craftsman.

The famous Italian saying “Impara l’arte e mettila da parte” refers to the importance of knowing and learning a trade and then treasure it.

Both Arts were naturally in close contact with each other. 

The Art of the Beccai sold leather and the Cuoiai worked leather for their creations. Located both upstream and downstream of the Ponte Vecchio where the skins were soaked in the Arno, their location became a problem later…



In the sixties of 1500, the political power of Florence was in the hands of the Medici family.

A few years after the regency, Grand Duke Cosimo I De Medici decided to build with his trusty architect Giorgio Vasari the famous Vasari corridor, right near the Ponte Vecchio.


The royal family, horrified by the smell of processing meat and leather in the whole area of the Ponte Vecchio, decided to move the Art of the Cuoiai and Beccai, near Piazza Santa Croce, occupying two streets that today have taken the name of Via delle Conce and Via dei Conciatori.

The place of the Cuoiai was taken instead by luxury jewelers and goldsmiths who are still in Ponte Vecchio and nearby areas.


In Florence the craft was taught in the workshops, where the master artisan taught the youngest all the techniques and secrets of leather processing, which have been handed/passed down from generation to generation.

This tradition is still alive today. Florence and its artisans are known and esteemed for the craftsmanship of the leather and the quality of the products.

Walking through the city, our attention is immediately captured by the artisan shops that make all the streets smell of leather.

The shop windows abound with items but surely at FLORENCE LEATHER MARKET, one of the oldest markets in Tuscany, you will find the best models regarding bags and accessories in REAL LEATHER!


Florence Leather Market carries on the Florentine tradition, you will find a vast selection of genuine leather items, the result of the best Made in Italy craftsmanship: genuine leather bags suitable for all occasions, leather travel bags, messenger bags, clutches, handbags and shoulder bags, and luxury genuine leather accessories to complete your style.

At Florence Leather Market you can find the right accessory for you and the true Made in Italy quality!

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Guide to spot a fake leather

How to spot a fake leather with 3 simple steps


Leather is a durable material created by tanning animal rawhide and skins. However, there are two main types of leather in the market as real leather and faux leather/vegan leather. Pure leather or real leather is made from animal hides while vegan leather is made from synthetic materials like plastics. When you are buying leather products, make sure to pay attention to the grade of leather. Be careful- being deceived is an instant. For these reasons, we at Florence leather market have listed a series of points that you can use as a starting point to understand if it is real leather or not. 

Martina MG  

Read, always read 

Real leather: It seems obvious but read the tag or label. If it’s real leather, it will proudly say so. If you see “100% leather,” “full-grain leather,” “top grain leather,” or “genuine leather,” you’re headed in the right direction. (Learn more about the different types of leather).

Bonded leather: If the label doesn’t say anything at all about the material, it’s probably bonded leather (or even faux leather, which is completely synthetic). Full or top-grain leather and even genuine leather are always proudly noted, like in each description of our leather messenger bags. Also, check the price tag. We love a deal as much as the next guy, but real quality leather, particularly full-grain leather, is much more expensive to work with than bonded leather, so if the price seems too good to be true – it probably is.


Real leather: Remember again, real leather is a natural material. So, when you run your fingers across it, it doesn’t feel perfectly smooth. Press your finger into the leather – the surface will stretch and wrinkle a bit, like skin. This is especially true of full-grain leather, and may also be noticed in top grain leather. Genuine leather may not pass this test.

Bonded leather: When you run your fingers across bonded leather, it feels cold and unnaturally even. Also, when you press your finger into the surface, it doesn’t act like skin. Rather than stretching or wrinkling, the bonded leather simply depresses under your finger while still retaining its shape.


Real leather: If you’ve smelled real leather before, you know it has a distinctive “leathery” smell – it has a natural, organic, skin scent that cannot be accurately manufactured.

Bonded leather: There is no reliable way to fake the smell of real quality leather. Because it’s just the pulp of leather scraps mixed with chemicals, bonded leather will have varying degrees of a plasticky, chemical odor (if any odor at all). 

Suffice it to say, if you want real leather, you don’t want bonded leather. And if you want real, quality leather, you probably don’t want “genuine leather” either. (Okay, if you’re buying a leather-bound Bible, it’s probably bonded leather—that’s not a big deal. God will forgive you.) But, when you’re buying a leather briefcase or leather jacket, be sure you know what you’re getting.


These are just a few tips that can help you with your purchase. To become a leather expert, keep following us on our blog and on our social channels



wallet in real leather for woman

The leather wallets by Florence Leather Market


Investing in a quality wallet is as essential as a pair of boots, everyday handbag, or coat. The best wallets for women are as practical as they are fashionable. Depending on your preference, there’s a wallet to suit your taste and lifestyle. Do you consider yourself a minimalist? A sleek card case is calling your name. We love our understated version or our Intrecciato zippered wallet in bright kelly green. If you prefer a wallet that can fit a bit more than just your essential cards and ID, a compact, bi-fold, or tri-fold leather wallet is a viable option.

For an item that will get near-daily mileage, finding the perfect wallet is worth the time, and they also make a lovely holiday gift for moms, dads, and friends. Below, shop Florence Leather Market’s edit of the best wallets for women for every preference and style.

Let’s start

wallet in leather for woman

Minimalist way 

For the minimalist at heart, opt for a slim card case that will store all of your credit cards, ID, and more with ease. Shop ones in classic black to more vibrant pops of colour from Florence Leather Market. The perfect choice for when you wish to carry cards and cash in a smaller, slimmer silhouette. The Lisa Cash, card and ID wallet combines form and function offering 6 quick access card slots, a stackable larger card slot, and it’s available in 6 different colours. 

Compact Bi-Fold

If you are looking for a wallet that is compact in size but can fit a bit more than a standard card case, a bi-fold or trifold wallet is a happy medium. Considering Flora, genuine calfskin is a really good choice. Every detail, including the zip pocket for coins, has been designed to give birth to a functional but extremely glamorous wallet. A small wallet with the same capacity as a large one. Flora is a very large women’s wallet despite its small size.



For extra security in keeping your essentials fastened, a zippered wallet is ideal. Fortunately, there are a myriad of options in different colours, shapes, and sizes. Consider Zippy coin purse burgundy wallet. Internally the accessory consists of multiple pockets for credit cards and a compartment for banknotes, as well as a zip pocket for coins with puller. Peak and compact is the perfect model for the new spring summer 2022.

Crossbody wallet 

If you’re constantly on the go, a crossbody coin purse might be a suitable option. Great for anyone who commutes by bike or prefers to forgo handbags altogether, this is a lightweight and easy way to store your essentials. From commuting to travelling to everyday outings, the best crossbody bags are available in 6 different colours of styles, shades, and classic silhouettes. Discover our Aurora-the Small purse with silver chain strap, it is 100% manufactured in Italy.

We have specially developed an elegant collection of women’s wallets available in different colours, sizes and styles. Come and choose your favourite one. 



The best bag-gift in leather for the international women’s day

The best bag-gift for the international women’s day


Happy Women’s Day 

International Women’s Day is a global celebration which recognises the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world, while calling to advance the movement for gender equality.

A gift is an excellent way to express appreciation and acknowledgment for a woman’s contribution to our life. But selecting the right gift is not always easier than it’s said. It may be that the woman you like already has everything she needs. Still, you must come out with a unique, attractive and useful gift. Fortunately, on Florence leather Market’s website you can find new gift idea;  From the colour red of Valentine’s Day to the yellow of Women’s DayYellow, besides, will be a hot trend for Spring/Summer 2022.

The best bag-gift for the international women’s day

If you want to be original, on 8 March you may give as a gift to your friends/sisters/mums/grannies a fashionable item on a day dedicated to women. Browse the gallery, you will surely find a nice gift you like, besides the classic chocolates or mimosa bunches. We have selected for you a number of trendy pieces, it-bags, clutch, wallet and belts perfect for this occasion.

Florence leather market comes up with this handbag combo that you can gift to your sister or wife this Women’s Day. Available with one main compartment, these handbags come with top zip closure. In addition to this, the offered product comes in the 23 x 9 x 13 cm dimension and weighs around 400 grams. All these handbags are designed using real leather material and 100% Made with Love by skilled and experienced artisans.

The best shoulder bags-gift for the international women’s day

 A gift with guaranteed success

Our Belinda bag comes with a soft and effective structure for every use. Of a soft grain leather refined and worked by our best craftsmen, and studied in the smallest spaces to ensure an all-round use. In addition to zippers and interior spaces, our Belinda offers an interior mini clutch with additional zipper to keep essential accessories close at hand and distinct as a collocation. Belinda is the go-to solution for any occasion, perfect for a leisurely stroll to hold everything you need. A gift with guaranteed success, especially if accompanied by a beautiful bouquet of mimosas. 

The favourite

Irma wants you to love what you buy and wear it often, which is precisely how you’ll feel about its thoughtfully designed leather bags. The monogram Tote is a new-season favourite, available in two sizes and in two classic brown shades and yellow leather. This luxury bag is made from buttery-soft Italian leather, with room to fit a trio of add-ons, like a laptop sleeve, flap bag, and adjustable shoulder strap. 

With one foot in the past and another in the present, designs practical bags in earthy colour palettes that read nostalgic and on trend at the same time. This shoulder bag in real leather is easily convertible into a backpack particle.

It’s hard to choose a favourite product from the brand’s beautiful collections, but it’s sure that inside our ecommerce store you will find the perfect article for the international women’s day.