Inseme di pellami colorati con tonalità diverse

Everything you need to know about the world of leather goods

What are the most valuable leathers and how to recognize them


There are different types of leather. The natural product differs depending on the animal, the intended use, the tanning or the type of coloring. It is a fascinating product that has accompanied us, protected us and kept us warm since ancient times. Used in numerous sectors; from design to the automotive industry passing through clothing, leather represents a true art that has been handed down for centuries.  

Why go for leather?

Leather is a noble and natural raw material, mainly used in the production of shoes, furniture, car interiors, clothes and bags. Approximately 500,000 tons of leather are produced each year, the equivalent of about 1.5 billion m².

This material has a technical advantage over alternative materials: one gram of leather has an internal surface area of up to 300 m², its fibers are rich in collagen. 

artigiano che lavora la pelle

Therefore, leather has great resistance to tearing, stretching and bending, is reluctant to age and can absorb up to 30% water without “wetting”.
Can absorb moisture from the inside and direct it to the outside. Insulates against cold and heat. No substitute, no synthetic leather has so many advantages. Especially when it comes to shoes, jackets or gloves, leather clearly offers an unparalleled advantage and comfort.

The variations in leather are amazing, depending on how the dermis is processed we have a different texture and value: Nubuck, velvet, aniline, semi-aniline, pigmented leather, oily leather, suede and more.


Before talking about the characteristics of the different leathers, let’s review the various types of leather starting from the animal of origin:– Lamb: This is a thin but very resistant leather, protective and insulating, suitable for winter jackets. Loved for its delicacy, given by a smooth and silky surface. Its name is synonymous with quality.

– Sheepskin: Sheepskin has similar characteristics to calfskin but is less noble. The advantage of mutton lies in the fact that its thick wool, gives the leather even more resistance and makes it even warmer. It is therefore ideal for the creation of clothes.

– Cowhide: smooth and thick, cowhide is generally not a leather used for its nobility, we prefer it on rough and masculine jackets, which should naturally improve over time.

Buffalo: a more noble natural grain material than its friend above, buffalo remains relatively expensive and can take many forms. Solid or flexible, depending on its intended use and the treatment used. 

– Crocodile – Aligator: these are undoubtedly the most famous exotic skins. They are expensive, rare and highly sought after by the large clothing industries for making shoes and accessories. 

Le diverse varietà di pelle

– Crust: the crust is a very particular type of leather, as it is not very worked. The tannery does not apply any primer on the leather, in order to reduce chemical treatment to a minimum. This type of leather easily absorbs any type of processing and color, and is particularly used in the clothing and accessories sector.

– Vegetable leather: Today, classic leather is tanned with chrome in particular – the rest of the products is a recipe generally kept secret by the tanneries. However, it is also possible to tan it using natural materials (it is more time-consuming, more expensive and more complicated, but it is possible), so we talk about vegetable tanning. Vegetable tanning is the oldest and most ecological method of treating leather, used for several centuries.– Full-grain leather: Full-grain leather is the most valuable and durable layer of animal skin. This material is the most natural in its class and is unrivaled in quality.

– Sawn grain leather: it is the dermis that has been treated to improve its quality. The benefits are its resistance, nobility and naturalness. Having a product so raw and of such high quality is a guarantee of exceptionality and durability.

 – Nubuck: This is a type of top-grain leather treated in such a way as to give a smooth and velvety feel.

– Suede: A popular type of leather that can be identified by its fuzzy surfaces, suede is commonly made from split leather.

 – Leather split: is the lower part of the leather, the least noble part and the cheapest. It is often used for entry level products of excellent quality.

Now you have all the information you need to improve the quality of your purchases.

Knowing these indications from now on will allow you to distinguish a quality product from one that is defined as such but that is not at all. 

We have always been of the opinion that quality is better than quantity.


All about the suitcase, history and origins of this travel bag


Made of cardboard, fabric, wood or even iron, the suitcase, although different from the one we are used to today, seems to have debuted early in our lives. 

The suitcase, the origins

The first accessory of a suitcase is dated, in fact, XIV century B.C. and was found in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

Already then, about fifty boxes with fabrics, cosmetics and various everyday objects that would serve the famous character of Egypt who was preparing to make his journey to the afterlife. And it is from the journey, between the medieval fiefs, in the sea and land movements of the Greeks and Romans, in carriage at the beginning of ‘800 or for tourism in ancient cars, that arises the need to transport their material goods such as clothes, jewelry, shoes.

The large dimensions that characterize the ancient suitcases, called trunks, were also used as beds on which to lie to sleep, during the tiring crossings on the merchant ships.

Travelling, a few years ago in fact, meant moving slowly and, therefore, there were no quick and easy trips. In the middle of the 19th century, however, things began to change, technology was making giant strides, the means to go from one place to another began to be faster and the journeys were short. This led to a decrease also of the objects to carry with him and therefore to the dimensions of the suitcases.

The evolution of suitcases

The train journey spread quickly in this period and the suitcases from bulky and heavy trunks became bags, less rigid and easily transportable. With the cars, then, there was a further step forward, the luggage was reduced again to allow you to easily find space in the trunk of the car.

With air transport, which imposed limits on weight and space, there was a further turning point for suitcases. In 1950, first in America and then all over Europe, the capacious but lighter leather suitcases, perfect for boarding by plane, went crazy. 

From the leather suitcase, we then passed to the propylene one and, after that, to the trolley, the luggage par excellence of the trip.

Florence Leather Market boasts a large collection of travel bags, made of real leather, made in Italian laboratories and by skilled and experienced artisans, come and take a look!


Belts for men, a world to discover and understand

The universe of male belts is wider than you think, in fact there are various types of this accessory. Meanwhile we make a main distinction between two macro categories. 

Men’s formal and casual belts

The sports belts.

The sports belts are usually characterized by a rather large buckle, also are higher, (it goes from 3.8 to 4.5 cm., the higher a belt is, the more informal it will be), and are usually made of opaque and rough leather. When leather is characterized by these peculiarities it is because the outer layers of the material are used in its production. 

The formal belts.

The formal belt is mainly recognizable by its buckle. As a rule, the formal belt buckle is classy, fine, elegant and square, smaller in size than the sports one. 

The formal belt strap never exceeds 4cm, and the leather or the material used is characterized by a shiny and very soft touch. 

Usually the formal belts are produced in leather, the most prestigious ones in full grain leather

The most common shades of formal belts are brown and black, but you can also buy blue and gray, all colors can be easily combined and very sober. 

Qual è la cintura più giusta?

Not all belts are suitable for different physicality so it is good to know which is the one that suits your body most before proceeding with the purchase. 

To find out if the belt you use is usually the right one for you, you will need to take a meter and calculate how far is the most used hole and the end of the buckle. The measure that will come out will be the measure of your waist. To this measure you will need to add approximately 15 cm, and so you will know what is your correct size to buy a belt that fits perfectly to your body. 

A curiosity about belts is what etiquette says in reference to the latter. In fact, according to the etiquette, you should not use a hole at random, but the male belt must always be fastened to the third hole that is the central one. 

The evergreen of men’s belts

The belts that a man must absolutely have in his closet are indicative of three types: 

  • Casual chic belt: the belt suitable for jeans. This accessory must normally be about 4 cm high, and is in dark or very sober colors, suede leather or leather. Being a belt tending to be sporty and suitable for everyday use, you can also opt for belts textured or otherwise decorated. The buckle will certainly be larger than those of formal belts and maybe even different shapes from the square; 
  • Formal evening belt: the formal belt as above must not exceed 4 cm in height. The formal belt is not decorated but simple, sober, glossy and in dark or black or brown colors. The buckle must also be small, must not give too much in the eye and rectangular in shape; 
  • Braided belt: the braided belt is an evergreen of the summer season, and also it must not exceed 5 cm in height. Being a summer belt can also be lighter colors, such as cream, cream, or beige, the important thing is that it matches your outfits perfectly. 

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All the shapes of the bags, what shape are you?

Which bag shape do you like best?

The hobo bag

This accessory usually has a trapeze shape or a half moon shape. The hobo model is perfect for any occasion, is rather capacious and is usually worn on the shoulder.

The doctor bag

The doctor bag is so called because it remembers the bags that the doctors used years ago. The model looks quite vintage and is extremely comfortable and practical as it is exceptionally roomy.

The messenger bag

The messenger is a must-have bag, In fact, this model is always up-to-date and its name comes from the bags that precisely use postmen to deliver mail. The messenger bag is characterized by an opening with flap and a very long shoulder strap, for this reason the accessory is very comfortable and versatile.

The shopper bag

The shopper owes its number to its resemblance to the shopping bag. In fact, this model is characterized by a rectangular shape and with two handles. The shopper bag can be worn on the shoulder or by hand. 

The pochette bag

Elegant, refined, the pochette is small in size. You can find this model in both hard and soft version. The pochette is usually used for formal situations, where there is no need to carry too many objects. The pochette bag can be closed by zipper, bruckle or flap. 

The trunk bag

The bag case is perhaps the most iconic in the world. Cornerstone of this mode certainly the classic Louis Vuitton. The case is characterized by a cylindrical shape rather capacious, equipped with handles and shoulder strap, so very versatile. 

The tote bagThe tote bag is similar to the shopper bag, in fact it is also large, has a double handle and is usually either trapezoidal or rectangular.

The clutch bag

The clutch bag is a model very similar to a pochette, in fact, this too, is small in size, and also this can be both rigid and soft. It differs from the clutch only for the closure that is strictly snap. 

The bucket bag

The bucket bag was invented by Louis Vuitton and reached the top during the 80s. This model can also be called a bag or bucket, it is rather large so it can contain numerous objects.

The saddle bag

The saddle bag is the real it bag this season. From the shape reminiscent of the saddle of a horse, the most iconic model is definitely the saddle of Dior. Very expensive but incredible!

The briefcase bag

The briefcase is a model of rectangular bag and usually rigid, used especially in the working environment. In fact, this bag gives a professional touch to your outfits, and is useful and functional because inside you can also introduce documents and sheets.

The baguette bag

This bag model was created by Fendi in the early 2000s and was immediately very successful, it is carried on the shoulder and is small and rectangular in shape.

On Florence Leather Market you can find the bag of the shape your prefer, come and take a look!


The beauties of the San Lorenzo market

It is difficult to think of describing the many beauties of the San Lorenzo market in an article of a few lines but we try, because this exhibition space deserves at least one visit, if you are in Florence, and is one of the most particular and typical places where you can meet flavors and genuinely Tuscan perfumes, shopping and having an exceptional setting for your last selfie!


The two sections of the market


The San Lorenzo Market is exactly divided into two parts: one inside, known as the Central Market and dedicated mainly to food, shops, restaurants and fast food, and the other outdoor section, organized around to the Central Market building, a glass and cast-iron structure built towards the end of the 19th century by Giuseppe Mengoni, the architect of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan.


A taste experience


Fruits and vegetables, bread and pastry, chocolate and honey, fresh fish, fried meatballs, meat and sausages, cheese, pizza and fresh pasta, wine shop, lampredotto, sorbets and ice creams … All the activities of the Central Market are conducted by artisanal traders that have in common the passion for their profession. Going from here is a real dip in tradition, in good Tuscan and Italian cuisine, with its quality ingredients, a place for gourmets who want to experience a unique, tasteful experience.

It can be a good idea, between a museum and a church, to put on your march the visit to the San Lorenzo Market, perhaps at lunchtime or even for dinner, so as to taste the delicacies of Tuscan cuisine (they are about 500 seats available inside) and let yourself be tempted by the various tastes.


The paradise of the skin


Outside, among the streets that wind around the covered market, you can indulge in admiring leather objects, mostly ceramic artifacts and other local products, clothes, scarves, small ornaments, stationery objects, magnets and all kinds of cadeau to take home as a souvenir of your tour in Florence. But do not forget that at the San Lorenzo Market you can find many leather goods to complete your favorite look: bags, clutch bags, belts, wallets, jackets and jackets. The local craftsmanship here is really on display, it does not seem a gamble to call it “the leather’s paradise”.


You just have to choose


Allow us a tip: if you are willing to make serious purchases, first make a list of what you are looking for, if you need to give gifts, and allow yourself enough time to take a look at the various stalls before deciding what to buy, and plan a “extra budget” for a last deal, just for you!

There are so many options to choose from and without spending too much money, you will certainly find very tasty souvenirs for you and your friends. This part of the San Lorenzo Market is open every day, from Tuesday to Saturday. Enjoy your visit!