wallet for men

Best wallets for men 2022


In 2022, the best men’s wallets are uniformly leaner and cleaner than you might be accustomed to. They’ve got plenty of storage space for the things you truly need, but if you’re the kind of guy who opts into every rewards program at every coffee shop you frequent, they’ll force you to pare down your everyday carry in a very healthy way. Plush genuine leather is still the standard for top-end wallets, but what we’re really looking for is something that’ll make onlookers gasp for all the right reasons: striking good looks, superlative functionality, uncommon details. From best-in-class bargains to old-world heirlooms to wild-style swerves, the 3 we’ve chosen here hit the bull’s-eye in all of those categories and more. Regardless of your budget or taste or which pocket you keep ’em in, these are the very best wallets for men.

Fashion wallet for men


Gianni V is your typical bill fold in many senses however we at Florence Leather Market have managed to fit up to 8 cards along with notes in this wallet. The sharply cut design on the interior of Gianni V keeps cards easily accessible and stylishly secure. Each slot has been designed to carry 2 cards and bills can be stored in the bill pocket which is fully lined using our luxuriously printed lining. Simple and slick, Gianni will take every step with you. The soft and supple leather utilised in our wallets will mould to your pockets and cards resulting in unprecedented comfort. 

Coin purse

Maybe you’ve got more to haul around than a measly card case can accommodate, or maybe you just want a larger standout wallet for, you know, the flex. In either instance, we’d direct you to the Florence Leather Market signature zip wallet. Genuine leather coin purse for man, with 2 zippered compartments. Made in Italy with high quality soft calf leather. Characterised by metal details in brushed brass. It keeps your belongings well organised, can securely and easily carry both money and coins.

Card holder or money clip?

Luigi is Florence Leather Market’s iteration of what a classy business card holder looks like, or indeed if you are a self-proclaimed minimalist ninja go ahead and use it as your daily wallet! So, A card holder or a money clip? This accessory represents two objects in one. The card holder is equipped with a magnetic clip to stop the money, perfect for those who want to bring only what is necessary. The genuine calfskin accessory consists of three credit card compartments in the opposite delivery of the money clip. The money clip is available in three different colours and is made with top quality Italian materials.

Our collection boasts a wide selection, able to encompass the latest trends in fashion and absolute quality. It will be more than pleasant to go and see all the men’s wallets that in our online store are offered in a rich and exclusive range of colours, sizes and, all of them, with very advantageous costs. visit our e-commerce and choose the model that suits you best


Travel bags

The Best Travel Bags for Men


This season – considering the past couple of years – travelling feels a little more special. Considering this, why not elevate your travel aesthetic with some luxurious luggage? The perfect weekender bag will easily fit a couple of outfits and some toiletries, should be easy to carry around, and durable enough to survive stuffed overhead compartments and luggage rooms. Considering our long list of requirements, thankfully, there are options that tick all of our boxes while still being easy on the eyes.

Ready to leave?

We don’t know if it’s time to go on vacation already, but we can be sure that it’s time for a winter escape to the countryside or the mountain just for a weekend: it is finally possible to escape the hustle of daily life to enjoy some time off. And since the yearn to travel is more than ever part of our desires, Florence Leather Market unveils a selection of 4 nomadic bags which are right on-trend.

Fortunato is fortunate to have

When it comes to quick trips that last a day or two, a duffel is what you need. And the Fortunato bag is, in so many words, the best bang for your buck. Not only is it incredibly durable and spacious enough for several fits (there’s also a separate compartment for your shoes), it’s also less than $300. That’s what we call a win-win.  

Travel Bags

When elegance meets functionality

If you’re catching flights for the sake of business, consider carry-on luggage that is practical and durable. Hard side luggage protects your belongings and is usually equipped with 360- wheels, making it easy to zip through terminals in between connecting flights. So, everything you need is “Gosto”- The stunning leather and brass hardware don’t just look beautiful now but become even more so with time. It’s definitely a worthy investment.

Springs backpack

Springs, the backpack. From one-way train rides to trips that involve connecting flights, it’s the bag that allows you to move hands-free. There should be no unnecessary bells or whistles; all it needs to have are compartments, a durable material (nylon is a great option), and good looks. A standout from Florence Leather Market 2016, this chic, functional backpack is ideal for urban nomads. It combines a sporty shape with distinctive House detailing. 

Business travel

Business executives truly know the value of a garment bag. When you’re on a trip that requires you to be in a suit throughout the day and don’t have time to steam your clothes, this style is a virtual lifesaver. There are many brands that offer them, sure, but know that Florence Leather Market is the alpha. Raimondo is a unique bag, soft, functional, and easy to carry is different from all the others you find on the market, both for the high quality of the materials used, both for the ergonomic shape.

Wherever you go, you need a luxury bag ideal for a short stay. come and visit our website. Florence leather market Offers many chances to do shopping from over 500 typical leather and specialties selected by our artisans.




The Business bag

The best briefcases to make a sharp return to the office


Once upon a time there were briefcases, those bags which – by definition – contained everything needed for a small business trip lasting one day, and which, over time, have become the essential accessory for men of ‘ business around the world. A completely personal expression of pressure, the professional clothing, the classic briefcase, in black or brown leather, is the reflection of a rigor and absolute precision, which still today accompanies business managers from all over the globe in their climb to the successor. Preparing for back to work after the Christmas holidays, here are the briefcase bags to buy now on Florence Leather Market.

Business deal

A bag that combines vintage aesthetics with today’s functional needs. In soft brown leather, the accessory has a large central compartment, divided inside into two comfortable pockets, one of which is padded for the laptop and one with zip closure for valuables, plus two small pen holder holes. The waterproof outer coating is accompanied by a particular shoulder strap: wide and padded, it reduces the pressure on the shoulder, and is provided to offer maximum comfort.

Done deal

Classic and elegant, the Daniele briefcase uses soft blue Jeans leather for the upholstery, the color of which is echoed by the fabric handles and shoulder strap. The exterior is multi-pocket, with two small pockets with and on the other side a large central pocket. Divided into compartments for pens, smartphones and documents, the interior is perfectly organized to carry the office essentials in the utmost order.

Briefcases bag

A genderless masterpiece

Giulia MG is a Florence Leather Market masterpiece, characterized by a rigid construction, a double handle and a removable and adjustable shoulder strap. Available in different shades, it is the professional accessory for both men and women thanks to its irresistible genderless charm. It represents the outward expression of one’s identity even in the workplace.

Best investment ever

Excellence that repeats itself, returning from year to year in the workwear wardrobes, the briefcase bag by Jour is the accessory of the metropolitan worker, who always puts comfort before aesthetics. In pure dry earth-colored leather, the model is enriched by two internal and external pockets that favor optimal organization, while the handles and shoulder strap in cowhide leather are the final seal on a high-quality creation.


A distinctive accessory is essential to enhance those often-anonymous professional outfits that underlie a work dress code. For this reason, investing in a Rolando briefcase is a symptom of a strong desire to emerge from the crowd without overdoing it in eccentricity. In black leather and with ton sur ton profiles and calfskin handles, it is an essential and refined design with a timeless charm.

Christopher show you mean business

 The Christopher model was born from the desire to create a spacious, comfortable, and beautiful work bag. A versatile bag, both for days in the office and for a coffee at the bar. In fact, details such as the fine leather, the small side studs, and the multiple zips, make the bag perfect even in your free time. Buy now and use it for life!

Within our selection, you will find the fashion accessory suitable for your return to the office at an extremely low cost, thanks to the unmissable offers we have daily. Do not wait, come, and choose the Business bag for you many special offers.



Men’s bag, practicality and elegance

Who ever said that the bag is only a female accessory? For work or for a trip, practicality and elegance are essential for him too. Certainly a bag does not affect masculinity and does not reduce the charm of a man, on the contrary! If the bag is of quality and elegant, its presence makes the man even more interesting!

Shoulder bag or bag with handles?

It depends on the style and on how you prefer to move: the shoulder strap is more casual and ensures greater flexibility in movements; the hand bag is more classic and elegant and can be used as a document, PC or tablet holder, perfect for the office.

Even men, in fact, have to bring with them keys, mobile phones, maybe newspapers and documents, let’s add a bottle of water (especially in this season), maybe the lunch and who knows what else … Reason why even men need a bag.

Which color and size?

The advice is to opt for the classic colors: black, brown, gray, cachy, military green.

Smooth bags are better, without too many logos and decorations, suitable for different occasions. A leather bag is the best choice, perfect for any occasion, travel or work.

When choosing the size, do not hesitate to try the bag in front of the mirror, in order to carefully see if it fits your style, if it is the right size, if it has the right capacity for your needs.

The right choice

Do you have doubts? You have to know that the leather bag is the right choice between the canvas bag, more informal and casual, and the classic bag, which is not for everyone.

The best thing of the leather bag is that it matches perfectly with a pair of jeans, as well as with jacket and tie. It gives character to the look, it is roomy, functional and resistant, like all the accessories made with this material.

In short, choosing genuine and quality leather, you will have practicality and elegance in one fell swoop!



The beauties of the San Lorenzo market

It is difficult to think of describing the many beauties of the San Lorenzo market in an article of a few lines but we try, because this exhibition space deserves at least one visit, if you are in Florence, and is one of the most particular and typical places where you can meet flavors and genuinely Tuscan perfumes, shopping and having an exceptional setting for your last selfie!


The two sections of the market


The San Lorenzo Market is exactly divided into two parts: one inside, known as the Central Market and dedicated mainly to food, shops, restaurants and fast food, and the other outdoor section, organized around to the Central Market building, a glass and cast-iron structure built towards the end of the 19th century by Giuseppe Mengoni, the architect of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan.


A taste experience


Fruits and vegetables, bread and pastry, chocolate and honey, fresh fish, fried meatballs, meat and sausages, cheese, pizza and fresh pasta, wine shop, lampredotto, sorbets and ice creams … All the activities of the Central Market are conducted by artisanal traders that have in common the passion for their profession. Going from here is a real dip in tradition, in good Tuscan and Italian cuisine, with its quality ingredients, a place for gourmets who want to experience a unique, tasteful experience.

It can be a good idea, between a museum and a church, to put on your march the visit to the San Lorenzo Market, perhaps at lunchtime or even for dinner, so as to taste the delicacies of Tuscan cuisine (they are about 500 seats available inside) and let yourself be tempted by the various tastes.


The paradise of the skin


Outside, among the streets that wind around the covered market, you can indulge in admiring leather objects, mostly ceramic artifacts and other local products, clothes, scarves, small ornaments, stationery objects, magnets and all kinds of cadeau to take home as a souvenir of your tour in Florence. But do not forget that at the San Lorenzo Market you can find many leather goods to complete your favorite look: bags, clutch bags, belts, wallets, jackets and jackets. The local craftsmanship here is really on display, it does not seem a gamble to call it “the leather’s paradise”.


You just have to choose


Allow us a tip: if you are willing to make serious purchases, first make a list of what you are looking for, if you need to give gifts, and allow yourself enough time to take a look at the various stalls before deciding what to buy, and plan a “extra budget” for a last deal, just for you!

There are so many options to choose from and without spending too much money, you will certainly find very tasty souvenirs for you and your friends. This part of the San Lorenzo Market is open every day, from Tuesday to Saturday. Enjoy your visit!