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The Best Travel Bags for Men


This season – considering the past couple of years – travelling feels a little more special. Considering this, why not elevate your travel aesthetic with some luxurious luggage? The perfect weekender bag will easily fit a couple of outfits and some toiletries, should be easy to carry around, and durable enough to survive stuffed overhead compartments and luggage rooms. Considering our long list of requirements, thankfully, there are options that tick all of our boxes while still being easy on the eyes.

Ready to leave?

We don’t know if it’s time to go on vacation already, but we can be sure that it’s time for a winter escape to the countryside or the mountain just for a weekend: it is finally possible to escape the hustle of daily life to enjoy some time off. And since the yearn to travel is more than ever part of our desires, Florence Leather Market unveils a selection of 4 nomadic bags which are right on-trend.

Fortunato is fortunate to have

When it comes to quick trips that last a day or two, a duffel is what you need. And the Fortunato bag is, in so many words, the best bang for your buck. Not only is it incredibly durable and spacious enough for several fits (there’s also a separate compartment for your shoes), it’s also less than $300. That’s what we call a win-win.  

Travel Bags

When elegance meets functionality

If you’re catching flights for the sake of business, consider carry-on luggage that is practical and durable. Hard side luggage protects your belongings and is usually equipped with 360- wheels, making it easy to zip through terminals in between connecting flights. So, everything you need is “Gosto”- The stunning leather and brass hardware don’t just look beautiful now but become even more so with time. It’s definitely a worthy investment.

Springs backpack

Springs, the backpack. From one-way train rides to trips that involve connecting flights, it’s the bag that allows you to move hands-free. There should be no unnecessary bells or whistles; all it needs to have are compartments, a durable material (nylon is a great option), and good looks. A standout from Florence Leather Market 2016, this chic, functional backpack is ideal for urban nomads. It combines a sporty shape with distinctive House detailing. 

Business travel

Business executives truly know the value of a garment bag. When you’re on a trip that requires you to be in a suit throughout the day and don’t have time to steam your clothes, this style is a virtual lifesaver. There are many brands that offer them, sure, but know that Florence Leather Market is the alpha. Raimondo is a unique bag, soft, functional, and easy to carry is different from all the others you find on the market, both for the high quality of the materials used, both for the ergonomic shape.

Wherever you go, you need a luxury bag ideal for a short stay. come and visit our website. Florence leather market Offers many chances to do shopping from over 500 typical leather and specialties selected by our artisans.