Valentine's Day gift

Our choice for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day, the holiday of lovers!

February 14, 2023 will still be the day of love that brings with it special attention, gifts and thoughts for the most important person of all.

For all couples, the race for gifts is on. Some go for the romantic, some for the useful and some for the beautiful.In this post we want to tell you about a possible gift idea for her or him, alternatives that can please everyone’s taste: from those who like more classic details to those who prefer minimal style. Those who love accessories, those who prefer unique items, those who love to travel or those who are just home-and-work. The ideas are really many and we hope they can be of help to you.


Gifts for her: handbags and Clutches

If your HER is original, colorful, loves music and has an outgoing personality, the gift for her is undoubtedly a clutch bag. Not just a handbag, but a purse that would enhance her personality but remain useful, elegant and at the same time complete the look. Our choice? Aurora! With its bright color and simplicity it will make you look great.

Career woman? Better a professional bag disguised as a handbag like our Eloisa, a bag made of fine saffiano leather, and handcrafted in Florentine workshops. This bag is very spacious, comfortable and practical, plus the base has 4 gold feet so it won’t wear out.

Valentine's Day gift.


Gifts for him: wallet, backpack or belt?

The gift for him is always the most difficult. Let’s try to frame types of men and see what gifts might be perfect for him.If he always has money scattered in his pocket, the right gift is Alfio, the ultra-lightweight wallet-credit card and banknote holder, only 9.5cm small in genuine calfskin leather. Lightweight and slim, easy to wear and carry in your pocket.

Do you love your work and are always on the go? Go along with the latest trend in business bags and give a roomy shoulder bag with an easy finish. Our Raimondo, roomy, ergonomic and super accessorized is the solution that combines business and leisure while respecting your back and posture.

Full of Savoir faire and nonchalance, is your man so dandy that even slipping off his belt is an action he finds unpleasant? Our Fiorentino Belt looks so good with everything that it will become impossible not to choose it for going out. A well-made belt, crafted and thought out by careful artisans who have put love and passion within each stage of manufacture.


Our staff at Florence Leather Market hope to be of help to you in choosing the perfect gift and wish you a Valentine’s Day full of joy and love.


sew leather

How to sew leather products

Leather is a very durable and flexible material, making it perfect for products that need to be strong yet lightweight. It also has great resistance to wear and tear and is easy to maintain. This makes it the perfect material for crafting custom bags and purses, as well as jackets and other clothing items. To craft these items from scratch requires a lot of patience and skill, but once crafted they are sure to be long lasting and truly unique. Knowing how to sew leather allows you to create your own one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing and accessories that will last a lifetime and that you will treasure for years to come.

how to sew leather products


3 Differents methods to sew leather 

There are generally two methods of sewing leather, namely by hand and by machine. Both methods have their pros and cons which must be considered when choosing a technique to use when creating your own leather products.


Hand-stitching sewing method leather leather

Hand-stitching can be very tricky and requires a great deal of skill to master. In addition to being time-consuming, it is also quite labor-intensive as it involves creating one stitch at a time. This can be a frustrating process for those who are new to the art of sewing. However, for those who already have some experience with needle and thread, it can be a great way to create unique items, with the added benefit of being able to customize the design to suit your own personal style. It can also be a good way to start if you are still learning because it does not require any specialized equipment.


Machine-stitching sewing method leather

Machine-stitching is considerably easier and faster than hand-stitching, but it does require the use of specialized sewing machines . Because of this, it is generally more expensive to hire someone else to do the machine work for you than to do it yourself. In addition, it can be difficult to get the exact results you are looking for when using a machine. Using a regular household sewing machine can leave you with uneven seams or stitches that are too large or too small, which can be very frustrating for a craftsperson trying to make something that looks perfect.


The Florence Leather Market way

Italian craftsmanship is the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. By using traditional techniques to create modern styles, we are creating a demand for our products that is stronger and more sustainable than ever. At Florence Leather Market, we combine the best of both worlds by creating leather products that are skillfully made by hand but produced using modern machinery to ensure the highest quality standards in the industry. We take great pride in knowing that each one of our creations is a unique piece of art that will serve as a lasting testament to our commitment to superior craftsmanship and unrivaled attention to detail.

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Backpack: 3 tips on how to choose it

Backpacks have now become one of the most popular and in vogue accessories of the moment. This is thanks to their functionality and practicality that makes them perfect to use in our daily life. The dilemma arises when we do not have clear ideas on how to choose the backpack that is right for us. Especially in the face of the vast choice that the market offers. In this article I will show you some tips that we consider essential when choosing a backpack.

qualità dello zaino

Here are our 3 tips on how to choose the perfect backpack 


By nature, the backpack is subject to bumps and wear throughout its lifetime, whether it is your faithful daily travel companion, or for one dedicated to sports or holiday purposes. Despite this, it is understood that a backpack must last over time, even the cheap Nylon versions. For this reason, considering the frequent use of a backpack, why not spend a little more and buy one that will not only look good, but will also be a pleasure to carry? When it comes to quality and therefore durability, the first material that comes to mind is without a doubt LEATHER resistant and good-looking, which leaves a pleasant sensation both to the touch and to the smell that give it a real sense of superiority. Italy is famous for the craftsmanship of leather, the use of high quality materials combined with a unique style all over the world and these are the pillars on which Florence Leather Market bases the creation of its products.



Backpacks are now available in all shapes and sizes and that is why, before making a hasty purchase, we recommend that you understand the use of the latter and consequently understand what its ideal dimensions will be. If you need a backpack for daily use to commute to work, or you’re thinking to buy a backpack to go to university, we must take into account the capacity necessary for any devices such as laptops, books and even the lunchbox. An example could be our “Unisex leather backpackcharacterized by its simplicity and versatility. If, alternatively, we are looking for a backpack to replace the handbag, we can opt for backpacks with a lower volume and focus on practicality of use. Some examples could be backpack Luminosa” and “Gabriele”. When making your size decision, it is also important to consider your height. If you are petite, a backpack that is too large may not be suitable for you. Also pay attention to comfort. If you are looking for a small and light backpack, thinner straps will be fine but, conversely, if you are going to use it to carry heavy things and for long periods, you may want to look for one with thicker straps.



Choosing a backpack is always a personal decision influenced by your lifestyle and your needs but this does not mean that you should abandon good taste. Florence Leather Market brings with it the Italian style by creating backpacks, bags and accessories for every eventuality and occasion:

In short, there are choices in abundance…


Now that you have a clearer idea of ​​how to deal with the backpack theme, visit our website and take a look at how Florence Leather Market is establishing itself on the market with the creation of backpacks that precisely follow the idea of ​​quality, functionality and style.



business bag

BUSINESS LEATHER BAGS: the Florence Leather Market glam and resistant line

Those who travel a lot for work know that choosing the right bag to travel with is essential: it’s a touch of style, but above all a guarantee of reliability when you’re out and about. The Florence Leather Market line aims to satisfy those who don’t want to give up comfort and glam, sturdy materials, but also the craftsmanship of Made in Italy. In a few words, it is aimed at those who want practicality and aesthetics together. In this article we will analyze how Florence Leather Market deals with business.

business bag

Florence Leather Market’ style

The brand’s collection consists of business briefcases, briefcases and leather work bags. The shades are the classic ones of leather or black, to get to the honey nuance, delicate and very trendy. On the aesthetic side, each piece in the line is made special by the metal details or the branded logo. But even the fastenings make a difference, going from the classic zip to the more sophisticated metal bar. For lovers of the past and lived eras, Florence Leather Market also welcomes a soft and tasteful Vintage with a distinctive and original look, and must-have pieces for any self-respecting Vintage lover.


Our Forte

But let’s see in detail the composition of the Business line of the Florence Leather Market brand. As we said, the briefcases are the flagship of the collection. The Florentine leather makes them elegant and with a pleasant touch, while the craftsmanship and the inclusion of contemporary elements, such as reinforced handles and metal parts, transform them into timeless pieces. In the line we also find the practical bags with adjustable shoulder straps like our Leather briefcase with two compartments, to be worn on the shoulder or also used as more metropolitan handbags. There is also no shortage of classic briefcases, with a very classic, clean-cut design and unisex aesthetic, suitable for those who want to go to work in style.

The quality of Florence Leather Market

The Italian tanneries are an excellence renowned all over the world, thanks not only to the historical know-how, but also to the creative component that characterizes our sectors. Leather is one of the least industrialised products on the market: manual work remains at the base of all manufacturing processes, from tanning to the creation of handcrafted products. As far as the quality of the materials is concerned, the Florence Leather Market line of Business Bags is made of Italian leather, vegetable-tanned, hand-dyed and then cut and sewn by expert craftsmen. The savoir faire of the brand, which was born in Florence and has become famous in Italy and around the world, can be felt in every piece of the collection. The line meets the needs of her and him, both for short trips and for longer journeys.


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bag storage

Where do I store my bags?


Let’s face it…arranging the many bags that each of us owns has become a difficult task!

Florence Leather Market has decided to give you some little advice to keep your beloved bags in order and always at hand for every look change. 

Let’s see some ideas…


Of course, the most immediate choice is definitely to check the closet and the actual space inside it.

Once you consider the space, the best location for our bags are definitely the square shelves or drawers to dedicate to them. 

Using this space all the bags will be at hand so you can choose the most suitable according to every outfit and mood of the day! If you have a lot of space you can also divide them into drawers according to the seasons or even colors, this will really help you!



Another alternative to consider is the use of hooks, suitable for hanging bags, stored behind doors or inside the doors of cabinets. 

Also in this way you will have all your bags always available so you can choose the most suitable every day.

There are also circular crutches on the market that can also be used as furniture because, despite the practical use for storing bags, there are some beautiful and design.  

As you may have guessed, following these little tips, you can always have the rooms in order, without bags scattered everywhere that bring a lot of chaos!


These options that we have seen together are all valid, but only if you have plenty of space available.

Instead, if for you, the available space is not enough, the best choice could be to opt for a fabric wardrobe to be placed in another room (as long as it is dry).

These wardrobes, often, are also equipped with bags that allow you to better organize the spaces inside. 

In this way, the bags will not be in contact with any other object and closing them in protective bags are also repaired from temperature changes.

A practical alternative can be to use rigid plastic boxes, where to store inside the bags and then place them on shelves or cabinets. 

This choice is definitely the least aesthetic and classy, but it is really very functional and practical.

In this article we have given you some alternative, applicable to multiple houses, on where to store your favorite bags!

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