Backpack: 3 tips on how to choose it

Backpacks have now become one of the most popular and in vogue accessories of the moment. This is thanks to their functionality and practicality that makes them perfect to use in our daily life. The dilemma arises when we do not have clear ideas on how to choose the backpack that is right for us. Especially in the face of the vast choice that the market offers. In this article I will show you some tips that we consider essential when choosing a backpack.

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Here are our 3 tips on how to choose the perfect backpack 


By nature, the backpack is subject to bumps and wear throughout its lifetime, whether it is your faithful daily travel companion, or for one dedicated to sports or holiday purposes. Despite this, it is understood that a backpack must last over time, even the cheap Nylon versions. For this reason, considering the frequent use of a backpack, why not spend a little more and buy one that will not only look good, but will also be a pleasure to carry? When it comes to quality and therefore durability, the first material that comes to mind is without a doubt LEATHER resistant and good-looking, which leaves a pleasant sensation both to the touch and to the smell that give it a real sense of superiority. Italy is famous for the craftsmanship of leather, the use of high quality materials combined with a unique style all over the world and these are the pillars on which Florence Leather Market bases the creation of its products.



Backpacks are now available in all shapes and sizes and that is why, before making a hasty purchase, we recommend that you understand the use of the latter and consequently understand what its ideal dimensions will be. If you need a backpack for daily use to commute to work, or you’re thinking to buy a backpack to go to university, we must take into account the capacity necessary for any devices such as laptops, books and even the lunchbox. An example could be our “Unisex leather backpackcharacterized by its simplicity and versatility. If, alternatively, we are looking for a backpack to replace the handbag, we can opt for backpacks with a lower volume and focus on practicality of use. Some examples could be backpack Luminosa” and “Gabriele”. When making your size decision, it is also important to consider your height. If you are petite, a backpack that is too large may not be suitable for you. Also pay attention to comfort. If you are looking for a small and light backpack, thinner straps will be fine but, conversely, if you are going to use it to carry heavy things and for long periods, you may want to look for one with thicker straps.



Choosing a backpack is always a personal decision influenced by your lifestyle and your needs but this does not mean that you should abandon good taste. Florence Leather Market brings with it the Italian style by creating backpacks, bags and accessories for every eventuality and occasion:

In short, there are choices in abundance…


Now that you have a clearer idea of ​​how to deal with the backpack theme, visit our website and take a look at how Florence Leather Market is establishing itself on the market with the creation of backpacks that precisely follow the idea of ​​quality, functionality and style.