Valentine's Day gift

Our choice for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day, the holiday of lovers!

February 14, 2023 will still be the day of love that brings with it special attention, gifts and thoughts for the most important person of all.

For all couples, the race for gifts is on. Some go for the romantic, some for the useful and some for the beautiful.In this post we want to tell you about a possible gift idea for her or him, alternatives that can please everyone’s taste: from those who like more classic details to those who prefer minimal style. Those who love accessories, those who prefer unique items, those who love to travel or those who are just home-and-work. The ideas are really many and we hope they can be of help to you.


Gifts for her: handbags and Clutches

If your HER is original, colorful, loves music and has an outgoing personality, the gift for her is undoubtedly a clutch bag. Not just a handbag, but a purse that would enhance her personality but remain useful, elegant and at the same time complete the look. Our choice? Aurora! With its bright color and simplicity it will make you look great.

Career woman? Better a professional bag disguised as a handbag like our Eloisa, a bag made of fine saffiano leather, and handcrafted in Florentine workshops. This bag is very spacious, comfortable and practical, plus the base has 4 gold feet so it won’t wear out.

Valentine's Day gift.


Gifts for him: wallet, backpack or belt?

The gift for him is always the most difficult. Let’s try to frame types of men and see what gifts might be perfect for him.If he always has money scattered in his pocket, the right gift is Alfio, the ultra-lightweight wallet-credit card and banknote holder, only 9.5cm small in genuine calfskin leather. Lightweight and slim, easy to wear and carry in your pocket.

Do you love your work and are always on the go? Go along with the latest trend in business bags and give a roomy shoulder bag with an easy finish. Our Raimondo, roomy, ergonomic and super accessorized is the solution that combines business and leisure while respecting your back and posture.

Full of Savoir faire and nonchalance, is your man so dandy that even slipping off his belt is an action he finds unpleasant? Our Fiorentino Belt looks so good with everything that it will become impossible not to choose it for going out. A well-made belt, crafted and thought out by careful artisans who have put love and passion within each stage of manufacture.


Our staff at Florence Leather Market hope to be of help to you in choosing the perfect gift and wish you a Valentine’s Day full of joy and love.