All types of buckles on the market

Each self-respecting belt consists of a metal part, usually called a buckle. This element serves to keep the two ends of the belts close and  firm, (Do you like belts? Read here!)

But when the buckle was born?

When the first buckle was born it is not really known, but the first belts saw the light during the Bronze Age, in the European geographical area.  

The belt was immediately used as an accessory that had to be worn according to the fashions of the moment, just for this was used by both men and women. Until today when the belt with the buckle is used not only for functionality but also to give a modern and original look.

Let’s look at some common types of buckles these days.

  • The buckle is rounded. The rounded buckle or even ring, usually gives the outfits a casual look. These buckles are made in the shape of a circle or oval. The belts that have this element usually run right inside the ring and the closure is produced by the tension. 
  • The cassette and plate buckle. As a rule, plaque buckles are carefully decorated with designs made by hand or by machine. The cassette buckles instead are characterized by a subspecies of small metal box, which allows you to fasten your belt without the aid of holes. 
  • The rounded oval buckle. This type of belt buckle, gives the outfits a special and original touch. The belt closure works according to tension, so there is no need to use any holes.
  • The rectangular buckle with rounded edges. Usually this particular shape can be found in the formal belts, used on ceremonial or office dresses. This does not prevent you to use it even on more casual outfits to make a refined and classy casual look. 

What materials are used to produce buckles?

The buckles can be made of different materials such as: copper, steel, aluminum, brass or silver. The material used produces satin or shiny buckles

Depending on the compounds used for the production of buckles, the latter will have different characteristics, both in terms of strength and durability. 

To assemble the buckle to the belt there are several techniques such as: by clamp, by sewing, by screw or stopper. 

The buckle element is then attached to the part of the belt through sewing techniques or with the use of a clamp. Otherwise the buckle can be secured to the belt with one or more screws.

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