How and When You Should Wear Handmade Shoulder Bags

What are Handmade Shoulder Bags?

Handmade shoulder bags are handcrafted bags with straps that are long enough to thread your arm through and hang on your shoulder. They are typically larger than handbags and clutches and are a convenient way to carry your belongings.

Shoulder bags come in various types and are made from a variety of materials, but often the best are handmade from leather.

How to Wear Shoulder Bags?

You can wear a shoulder bag over one shoulder by one side of your body. Alternatively, you can wear a shoulder bag cross-body, over one shoulder and the bag on the other side of your body. This is assuming you have a long enough adjustable strap.

Since shoulder bags are worn on only one shoulder, they can have an impact on your posture. If the weight of your shoulder bag is heavy, your posture will adjust to compensate for the extra weight in order to keep yourself balanced. Over time, this might cause back and neck pain.

To avoid this from happening, make sure to switch sides if you are wearing a shoulder bag for extended periods. Also, try not to carry too many items

When to Wear Shoulder Bags?

The first thing to consider when wearing a shoulder bag is its purpose. Are you carrying a shoulder bag to work? Try finding a classic shoulder bag that has enough space to fit your work tablet. Are you spending some time walking around the inner city? You might want a lighter shoulder bag that can be worn across the body.

Given the many types of shoulder bags that are available, one would think they can be worn to any occasion. However, the one place that a shoulder bag doesn’t belong is at a high class, formal event. Here, a clutch bag is more appropriate.