CreaModa Expo, the Italian fair for any leather goods manufacturer

What is CreaModa Expo?

CreaModa Expo is an accessories fair, selling clothing, footwear and leather goods as well as promoting leather goods manufacturer, components production and innovative ideas. In 2016 it is being held in Bologna, northern Italy, on the 18th, 19th and 20th of October. CreaModa Expo is a fair for entrepreneurs and companies who wish to focus on internationalisation and globalisation of the current market. It is an opportunity to promote new ideas and innovations from a variety of companies within the sector.

There is free admission for those working within the sector, provided registration is completed. The CreaModa Expo will be held at the Bologna Exhibition Centre, which is only 9 km from the Guglielmo Marconi International Airport.

What does CreaModa Expo promote?

CreaModa Expo is dedicated to the promotion of new items, services and other products, all of which are divided into five categories: Leathers and Fabrics, Accessories, Components, Technology and Trends. The CreaModa Expo exhibitors showcase a large variety of both products and materials, such as designers, leather goods manufacturer, or sourcing managers. In addition, shows and other artistic performances are scheduled to take place during the event. This includes the exhibition of the CreaModa Expo online contest, exploring the evolution of the shoe in the future. Students and designers will showcase their products, with the jury selecting five as the best designs.

What is the focus at CreaModa Expo?

In footwear, CreaModa Expo will not simply focus on the current styles and trends, there will also be emphasis on the materials such as leather and suede, the creation of soles and heels and the decorative ornaments or metal fastenings.
For handbags, CreaModa Expo will look at the fastenings, closures, metal accessories, decorative ornaments, the reinforcement of fabrics used as well as the existing fashions within the handbag market.