Fashion bags 2021, all new models to discover

The collection of bags for the spring-summer 2021 season is full of special elements, unusual shapes, and pastel and bright colors. These creations represent an exceptional combination of classic models and innovative elements.
Let’s discover together the most popular models for this season!

Shoulder bags

Let’s start with a bang, the new entry of the bags is represented by the iconic Dior Saddle. This bag is characterized by a particular shape, similar to a horse saddle, which is slowly becoming the protagonist of the major passageways.
To be really fashionable this type of bag should be worn as a shoulder bag, or cross body, using the lace of which it is provided.

Bucket bag

It’s been a while since this model made its appearance on the scene, but it’s this season that made it famous. In fact, the bucket model is an exceptionally versatile bag, combined with several outfits, with a contemporary look in fact can be used both in more formal contexts and in more casual and sporty situations.
The bucket bags of this season are colors of very colorful shades that are perfectly with the summer, but also more neutral shades perfect to be combined with more sober look.

Shopping Bag

The shopping bag, the bag always present in every collection, why? Because it is extremely comfortable, practical and above all you can put it all in given the conspicuous size. The shopping bags of this season will be distinguished by particular tones, and especially by original material, hand-woven, basket-shaped, or wicker.
Also this type of bag can be worn by adding a shoulder strap, which will make the accessory more fashionable and special.

Shoulder bags

The shoulder bag is a type of bag that will never go down. Since it was invented it has been used by many celebrities, and represents the must-have that every woman must have in her closet. Could it be missing this season? Absolutely not!
The shoulder bags of this season 2020-2021 show special details such as, for example, the shoulder strap itself made of chains, or represented by fabric elements or showy embroidery, as well as beautiful, very comfortable as wide.
A bag to wear both day and night, both to go to the office and to go out for an evening, as it is a versatile accessory and adaptable to several different situations.

On the passageways you can see all kinds, from bright colors to darker ones, up to the use of completely different materials, such as perforated leather and embellished with metal inserts, or lighter fabrics such as canvas.
In addition to these types of bags have seen many more on the most famous catwalk this year, but we can safely say that these models are the ones that will go for the most for the summer, as they combine the beauty and harmony of the forms with the practicality and comfort of large bags, which can also be used for travel, which alas, we hope to be able to return soon!