Bag for bike

Getting around by bike: the most suitable bag

Do you like staying fit while doing home-work trips?

For those who love cycling, we could suggest a practical backpack in leather but, let’s face it, what’s more fashionable than a shoulder bag?

Not all bags are the same, yet a capacious and practical shoulder bag, obviously in leather, and with an adjustable shoulder strap, is an excellent solution for those who like to go around the city with the bike and do not want to give up personal effects.


How to take it with you


If the bike is equipped with a basket, the bag can be stored inside, but take care to hook it well to the handlebars in order to avoid the risk of a thief approaching.

If you prefer to move safely while keeping your bag anchored, then better to choose the shoulder strap and take care not to bring the bag on the belly, as it could hinder the movement. Preferably place it on the back or side, shortening the shoulder strap.


Better with the zipper


The models to choose from are many: we recommend choosing portability, practicality, and lightness. Even the material has its importance: the leather is not only resistant but is also comfortable in case of rain, as it is waterproof. Be careful, that the fake leather bags, on the other hand, have the defect of not lasting much and ruining the areas of contact, where they rub when pedaling.

Finally, it is better to opt for a model with a zip, with a more secure closure, especially when riding at speed; this type of closure will make you feel more comfortable than a button or a magnet, which always at risk of disengaging due to wear or due to a shock.

Ah … and do not forget to bring an umbrella, you never know, in case of rain!