How to match and wear a leather belt


To each his belt

The leather belt Made in Italy is a timeless accessory that can be combined with any look. 

To choose the most suitable model for you pay attention to:

– Size: to make sure your waist is right where you usually wear your belt, alternatively you can rely on the size of your pants (this option is less secure because often there is no match between the sizes of different countries). If you already own a belt but don’t know its size it measures the distance between the most used hole and the end of the buckle.The resulting number will be that of your waist to which you have to add about 15 cm;

– Height: can vary from 30 to 40 mm. The standard provides that the higher a belt is, the more suitable for a casual or sporty look;

– Fastening: usually the belts have 5 holes. To make sure that the belt is perfectly aligned and the buckle is in the center of the pants we recommend using the third hole.

Our belts are handcrafted Made in Italy and are essential leather accessories to complete and enhance any look.

Belt Yes or Belt No

If you are undecided whether to wear the belt or not, pay attention to the details of the dress: do the pants have passers-by? You want to wear your shirt in your pants?In these cases the belt is a must.

To make your look more sophisticated you can match the color of the leather belt to that of the shoes, while the buckle can be combined with the color of the accessories.

Usually the ton-sur-ton is the best choice, but remember that in the case of informal and casual looks, you can get a nice effect playing with contrasts and use different leather belts, such as cowhide or tassel leather.

The belt, of course, is not only a male accessory but can also be used by a female audience and not only with pants. For example, with a long and soft dress in order to enhance the waist;  a particular color contrasting with a total monochrome look, to brighten it up; but also as a finish of outerwear, cardigan or kimono.

Tip: make your outfit even more special, interesting, glamorous, choosing a bag that can be combined or in contrast with the colors of your look.

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Belt Must-have

The belts that you absolutely must have in your wardrobe are two:

For evening dress and formal occasions – belt less than 4 cm wide with small and smooth buckle (gold or silver), black or brown shiny leather, simple and not decorated.

For informal occasions and leisure – belt about 4 cm wide with large buckle, natural leather or matt leather color, brown or blue, can be decorated. It’s the perfect accessory for jeans.

For women’s looks, the rules described above apply taking into account that there is a greater Variety of heights to make the belt even more versatile and can be combined with different clothing.

Why choose a leather belt

A leather belt is an investment, especially if of Made in Italy craftsmanship: It is very strong, it does not break and is not torn; is elastic and softens with the use, adapting better to your physicality, and also resists optimally at any temperature.

If well preserved it is an “eternal” and timeless accessory.