Cinture in pelle di colori diversi

How to wear leather belts short driving

Usually you tend to consider the belt an accessory simply functional and not glamorous. Actually the belt can be an essential element to give an original touch to your outfit.

To match the belt to a look there are no real rules to follow, but we can give you some advice so that this accessory goes to beautify your look and not to make it worse. 

First essential tip, the belt must always be combined with shoes.And here comes the dilemma, you first choose the shoes or the belt? Normally it is always good to match the shoes to your outfit and choose the belt accordingly.

Usually, however, it is indicated to choose a belt of the same color as the shoes. cintura in pelle marrone

In addition to the color to match it is important that the style of shoes and belt is the same. Even leather belts can be of different styles, in fact if the accessory in question is smooth and characterized by a simple and linear buckle we are talking about an elegant and refined belt. On the contrary, if the belt has various designs or decorations and the buckle is more conspicuous, the accessory will be casual and sporty.

The height of the buckle

The height of the belt gives us a precise indication, that is if a belt is elegant or a belt is more casual. 

The high one will be more sporty and informal, while the lower one will be ideal for elegant and refined outfits.

Usually the leather belts most suitable for ceremonies or elegant occasions are distinguished by a smaller and thinner buckle. The best are definitely the square ones, especially because the belts with round buckles as well as appearing more casual tend to consume more leather. 

The length of the belt

No one ever pays too much attention but the length of the belt is a factor to consider when you go to buy it. Etiquette imposes as an essential rule that the leather belt is worn to the third hole. This rule means that depending on the physicality the belt exceeds or does not exceed. For this reason it is always good to check that this tail of the belt is not longer than about 8-10 cm. It is very easy to wrong size when you go to buy a belt and for this you need to try it, and in case it is excessively long, many brands today give the opportunity to cut the excess to make it harmonious and refined.

When it comes to real leather

To recognize a real leather from a fake, first pay attention to the smell. In fact, the belt of real leather will have a particular smell that will keep even after years, while the fake one will have no smell.

Cintura in pelle scura

Another test you can do to understand if your belt is really leather will wet it. A drop of water will suffice on your belt, if the material will absorb the liquid means that it is real leather.

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