Messenger bag model? Why is it called that, what is its story?

The “Messenger” bag is a type of accessory model deriving from a sack, usually produced in vintage fabric or leather. Usually worn on the shoulder or over the shoulder, typical of an urban fashion.


Messenger bags were used by postmen to carry various postal files and documents for citizens. This bag design was used in the transport of goods because it represented a spacious, comfortable but above all light bags.

The use, as well as the construction, comes from the backpacks that ensured comfort and safety on the health of the back for people carrying heavy objects, also given the possibility of adjusting the shoulder strap and moving it from the back or side to the front very easily.

The use of this bag nowadays

This bag model has become a style icon of Urban Fashion.

Urban refers to the civil environments where students use the model to go to school, from high school to university or commuters by bicycle use the Messenger to go to work or for functional purposes.

Urban fashion represents the kind of convenience and utility within fashion.

As previously mentioned, the type of Messenger is used a lot within the youth world, even as a “scholarship”. In fact, there are many companies that are characterized exclusively by the production of these for the collegiate market.

The Messenger bag compared to a backpack gives much more versatility in use. With a “postman” bag model you have more ease to place and remove books, notebooks or accessories just by moving them to make them accessible. In addition to the fact that these tend to be produced with materials that are more durable over time and of greater resistance, compared to classic school bags.

Conformation and structure

The construction of this bag, having been obtained from the couriers, has a series of characteristics marked by an easy adjustment of the strap.

It also generally uses quick release buckles, zippered buckles and U-locks with a single opening to easily rotate the bag from front to back. They are in fact worn on one shoulder with a belt, shoulder strap, which crosses the chest resting on the lower back.

It is thanks to the invention of this bag that the classic smaller bags simply called “Shoulder Bag” developed. See here an example.

Production materials

The materials used to create the Messenger are often more resistant, even to changes in the weather, than other bags because they basically use thicker gauges of canvas and internal waterproof lining.

Some bags also use nylon or a vinyl lining together with more expensive, but also environmentally friendly, PVC waterproof liners.

Messenger bags are a timeless classic, easy to use and also versatile to tone down a more classic outfit. For example, on a suit or suit to go to work, if you put together a leather bag like ours from Florence Leather Market, see an example here, you will make your figure impeccable!