Types Of Leather Used To Make Fine Italian Leather Wallets

Why Is Italian Leather Better?

Italy has a long history and reputation for producing some of the highest quality leather in the world. So what makes Italian-made leather so much better? The answer lies with their leather making process.

Italian leather makers combine their years of tradition with modern technologies to produce some of the highest quality leather in the world. Whereas other countries nowadays manufacture mass-produced leather using chemical tanning processes, Italian leather makers use natural tannins from plant and vegetable extracts to produce their leather.

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Spacious leather travel bags, ideal for your vacation

Luxurious and stylish travel bags

Versatile, Italian handmade travel bags are perfect for going on vacation or a business trip. They will more than meet your needs whether travelling long or short haul. Luxurious in design, comfortable to use and elegant, travel bags combine quality, function and fashion. Designed for easy organization and impeccable in style, travel bags made from Italian leather are cutting edge and a must to have for your luggage. Leather luggage bags boast a number of advantages over other travel bags. First genuine Italian leather is not only attractive to look at but also quite supple and easy on the touch. Secondly leather is one of the very few fabrics that actually look better over time.

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The advantages of genuine handmade leather products

Fashionable handmade leather goods

In comparison to other materials, handmade leather goods have many advantages. Whether it’s handmade handbags, shoulder bags, clutches or briefcases, leather wins hands down every time. Leather travel bags, belts, wallets and backpack purses have a distinctive smell: nothing beats the smell of real leather. Man-made materials on the other hand are usually manufactured with different chemicals that give off a strange smell. The smell of synthetic shoes can be much worse after wearing them all day. This is not the case with leather shoes. They offer breathability, letting air in to cool feet and stop them from giving off bad odours.

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Coloured leather handbags, perfect for spring

Leather handbags, the ultimate fashion accessory

As fashion evolves for ladies, so do the rules. Some women’s handbags are more appropriate for different seasons of the year such as autumn, winter, summer or spring. Choosing the right handbag for a particular season is a great way for a lady to express her own personal style. When it comes to spring time, a coloured leather handbag is highly desirable. Choose from turquoise/tan, red/brown, light taupe/brown, beige/tan or how about dark blue/tan? Made from soft genuine calf leather, ladies’ handbags have zipped closures as well as a double handle and adjustable/removable leather shoulder straps.

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Types of leather used to make leather goods and bags

Types of leather

A number of types of leather are used in the manufacture of quality leather bags, as well as various methods used to process and finish off the leather. The three main types are aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented. Aniline is the most natural looking type but is less resistant to soiling. Semi-aniline is more resistant to soiling and has a light coating for protection. Pigmented leather is coated with a polymer coating which makes it much more durable but lacks the natural look of untreated leather. Generally, calf-skin leather is used for its softness and durability. It then goes through various treatments and processes to give it colour, texture and to maintain its strength and durability for the various leather goods and bags produced. Leather may also be wax coated which adds to its shine, durability, makes it more water resistant and also easier to clean.

Manufacturing processes

One such process produces Saffiano leather, which is textured leather produced by machine press to give it its texture. This is known as a cross-hatch finish which is a special diagonal pattern. It is then treated with wax which makes it scratch resistant, more durable and much easier to clean.

Leather goods and bags

There is a vast selection of bags and other leather goods to choose from these days and these include shoulder bags, handbags, cross body bags, backpack purses, shopping bags, clutches, business briefcases, travel bags, belts and wallets. With such a vast amount of leather goods and bags available, there is something to satisfy every taste style and need. Whether you’re going hiking, touring or just looking for an evening clutch bag to complement your outfit, there is something for everyone for every occasion imaginable.