The models of the bag that made the history of this accessory.

The bag, the feminine accessory par excellence

The bag represents the icon of femininity, is an accessory that no woman can do without, in fact, in addition to being a way to complete their outfits is also a useful and functional container to always bring with you necessary objects such as your smartphone, wallet or keys.

In the world there are thousands of bags from the largest to the smallest, from the most particular shape to the most linear, an infinity able to satisfy the tastes of all women.

Throughout history, numerous models of this accessory have been made, from the clutch, to the shopping bag, to the shoulder bag, or the shoulder bags, all produced with different materials, such as leather, canvas and many others.

Let’s see together the bags that have made the history of fashion (discover also the most desired bags in the world, click here).

Fend with his Peekaboo

Let’s start with a bang! This bag originated in 2009, and immediately entered the heart of everyone especially for its comfort and versatility, combined with the unique elegance of the brand. The bag consists of a handle and two compartments, has been reproduced in several variations and colors depending on the season of release.

Salvatore Ferragamo with the W Bag

This accessory was specially made around the 70s by Fiamma Ferragamo in honor of his mother Wanda. The bag is an accessory for the day, minimal conforming simple but always very chic.

Fendi with the Baguette

The model Baguette, (name that derives, of course, from the type of bread typical French, because the accessory reminds a lot of the shape) was born in 1997, and has been loved by all since the beginning, both for its practicality and for the versatility with which it can be combined with different outfits.

Yves Saint Laurent and Mombasa

Tom Ford gives birth in 2001 this bag, unique in its original and extremely beautiful. Characterized by deer handle, the bag combines elegance and glamour in a single accessory.

Gucci with his Jackie

The Jackie bag represents the bag with a capital B. From the name it is immediately understood that in its realization the Gucci brand was inspired by the personality bearer of style and elegance of Jaqueline Kennedy, who gave the go-ahead for the rise of this bag in the fashion world.

Balenciaga and its City

In 2003 this bag was born, coordinated with fringed studs and a small mirror included. The city has a rather square shape, and you can wear it in several different contexts, to go and give a touch of glamour to your outfits.

Bottega Veneta with Knot

The Knot is the icon of the clutch and still represents one of the most sold bags of the Bottega Veneta brand. The bag is extremely classy and is distinguished by the famous weave of the manufacturer.

Yves Saint Laurent and his Muse

Muse sees the light in 2006, and although it looks very simple and minimal It is actually made up of 40 parts carefully joined together by the artisans of the house.