what put in a bag



First of all we have to understand what a bag really is…it might just look like a simple accessory, but it is not for a woman.

Whether it’s a clutch or a maxi bag, this accessory represents a real lifestyle. 

Each model that we have scrupulously chosen is able to communicate our personality and our style expressing the best who we are!

Inside the bag hides all our world, all the items and accessories essential for every woman.


Let’s find out together what are the essential things inside a woman’s bag.

How many times have you received the fateful question “But do you have Mary Poppins‘ bag?” I bet a lot of times, and that’s it.

We always carry everything with us, enclosed in our bags, for any need and eventuality. 

There are those who can keep it meticulously in order or those who throw everything in bulk…but will never miss anything!

At Florence Leather Market we decided to write down a small handbook of all the essentials to have, also to give small tips to those people who are always in a hurry and risk forgetting something at home.


put in bag


There are some items that no one can do without and taking them with you in your bag is essential! We’ve made a list, let’s see her together…

  • Wallet : an essential accessory and also an icon of style, especially if in real leather like those signed Florence Leather Market, but that can often happen to be forgotten in another bag or directly on the table at home.
  • Keys : of home, office or car, we recommend storing them in a separate pocket because it is often a challenge to find them if you throw them at random inside 
  • Clutch bag for makeup : it is a timeless must, having a small cosmetic bag where to insert a lipstick, a gloss, a blush and a mascara can save us from an invitation to the last minute post work or from a meeting to which we must present ourselves tidy; have a clutch bag always ready to be moved in each bag if needed.
  • First aid kit : this is also indispensable, it is always good to bring with you some of the basic drugs that can always be useful for a headache and other pain or, for some subjects, specific life-saving medicines.
  • Handkerchiefs and sanitizing gel : are the objects of the “you never know…could serve”
  • Mask : to always be added in the bag in recent months, it is always better to keep a spare one in case we face trips on public transport or visits in very crowded places.
  • Chewingum and candies : for some people even indispensable, they can serve you to refresh your breath or take off a greedy whim.

These are some of the fundamental things in a woman’s bag. What are the things about leather you just can’t do without?