Exports of Italian leather goods: some data

Italian Leather Goods: a synonym for quality

Italian leather is a household name in the fashion industry as many products are made from it i.e. leather bags, car upholstery, belts, wallets, clutches and shoes. There are many types of leather products in the market and Italian leather is one of the most expensive, this has led people to wonder what makes it unique considering the added cost.

The primary reason Italian leather is highly regarded is its quality. Italian leather undergoes the best care and craftsmanship during the manufacturing process and this means that only the best hides are used.

Share of Italian Leather Goods in the World Market

Over the last ten years, Italian leather goods have maintained a global lead on exports. According to the ICE Italian Trade Agency report of 2014, Italian products accounted for 14 percent of global trade of luxury leather products and leather handbags. This percentage has not changed in recent years. Recent data from the National Institute of Statistics indicates that exports of Italian leather and leather products increased between the months of April and May from 1472 million Euros to 1579.15 EUR million.

Reasons Why Italian Leather Is the Very Best

Italian leather is durable; Italian leather is longer lasting than other types of leather. It withstands wear and tear and you can easily wipe away any scratches and nicks.
Italian leather is unique; vegetable tanned Italian leather presents a unique appearance. This type of leather has marks that form as a result of natural tanning.
Italian leather has timeless fashion; it oozes sophistication and style to become one of the most used materials in the fashion industry i.e. in exclusive fashion runways.
Italian leather maintains appearance; while other leather products lose their touch as a result of aging, Italian leather adds uniqueness and beauty.