The leather card holder

Accessories: try the leather card holder

If you love leather goods, in addition to the bag, belt, wallet, and leather briefcase, you cannot miss the genuine leather card holder, a small and distinctive accessory for your daily life. And, if you have birthdays in sight, here’s a nice and classy gift to celebrate a man or a woman!

Craftsmanship is always the keyword when we talk about leather. Obviously, by choosing this accessory, you will find the reliability and durability of the leather in a small and comfortable object, which allows you to store in a single space all credit cards, documents, paper money, and business cards in order to have them always within near your…hand!


A useful gift


The card holder is an original cadeau, especially useful, an object easy to store in any pocket and characterized by the softness and sophistication typical of “made in Italy” leather.

So, if you want a suppler and more essential purse for the generous and bulky wallet, this accessory is its perfect complement.

Our advice is to choose a design that is simple and functional, which adapts to the various spaces, and is easy to put in the pocket of trousers or in the pocket of a purse or a clutch, without risking losing it.


With that extra touch of class


Among the various options, choose the one that best suits your needs, with the number of slots you need to hold all your cards.

On the market, you will find models of different colors and with more or less slits.

Very nice and intriguing is the aged leather version, with a vintage effect, for those who want that extra touch of class combined with the practicality of the leather card holder.

A note for men: calf leather is certainly softer and more comfortable to keep in your pocket. This applies to both the wallet and the leather card holder.