Armocromia, what is it, let’s discover it together!

Seasonal color analysis, what are we talking about? Let’s find out together. 

Sometimes it happens that a shirt of the same color is better for your friend and instead for you we, or the opposite, or that in any case on someone else that color stands out more or tends to lose the brilliance. The same thing can happen with make-up, for example with lipstick, many times it happens that a lipstick gives you more than another person.

As a rule, one blames one’s hair or skin colour but does not consider a wider area, that is, seasonal color analysis, a discipline that studies how a certain color is more favorable for some people instead of others.

Let’s see together what is meant in detail by the word seasonal color analysis

As the word says, seasonal color analysis, means harmony between colors, balance between shades. This discipline was born thanks to the personality of Johannes Itten (do you quant to learn more? Click here!), a famous Swiss artist who wrote “The Art of Color” in 1961. Within this volume, Itten undertook to outline a totally new theory regarding colors that takes into account two priority characteristics of colors:

  1. The value, light or dark color;
  2. Temperature, colour hot or cold.

Itten divided the colors according to the temperature, going to locate the cold colors and the warm colors. Cold colors are those composed of a majority of blue colors, while warm colors are those composed of a majority of yellow color.

Colour and seasons

Itten, moreover, made a further subdivision of the tonalities, observing the nature, still more precisely observe the seasons. According to the latter, he managed to categorize the colors by referring to the four seasons, then: autumn, winter, spring, summer.

The fundamental task of seasonal color analysis, is not to let us discover a preset palette that goes to match with our shades, but in reality, this discipline has as its purpose to make us understand objectively which are the colors that really are better and in balance with our person.

So, to find out which are the shades that fit you best you don’t have to rely solely on a tone of your body, whether it’s skin, eyes or hair, but you’ll have to figure out which shades are best with the set of colors that expresses your body.

First you will need to be able to identify your undertone, in fact in general if the color of your veins is green, your undertone will be warmer, if the color of yours is bright blue, your undertone will be colder, or if you are in a situation of veins green/ blue, so not too clear, you will have a neutral undertone.

Your undertone can therefore be warm, (the more the color of your veins is marked green the warmer your undertone is), cold (blue veins), or neutral (green/blue veins).

The seasonal color analysis obviously does not stop there, Online you will find numerous tests that will direct you towards what in theory should be the palette best suited to the colors of your body.

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