Choose an Italian bags manufacturer from Tuscany and discover a long tradition

A centuries-old tradition

In Tuscany leather working was already widespread in the Middle Ages: thanks to its natural environment, good for leather tanning, and to its strategic position as far as transportation was concerned, this region was the setting for the development of a prestigious tradition in the field of leather, which is still a strength in Tuscan handicraft.

In Florence, Pisa and Prato, indeed, there are still many historical leather shops, which use the ancient methods used by the leather workers of the past. One of the most famous and worldwide appreciated handicraft products from Tuscany is definitely the leather bag, a synonym for elegance, durability and high quality.

Raw material

In the ancient and fascinating Tuscan workshops leather is worked manually to obtain the basic material for the production of excellent bags. The tanned leather is extremely nice to see, with a pleasant touch and above all extraordinarily resistant to wear and tear. A leather bag, indeed, can be used for several years without getting damaged. Practicality, elegance and durability are the main features of the products created by any Italian bags manufacturer from Tuscany.

How does an Italian bags manufacturer work?

Artisan Tuscan bags, produced mixing traditional methods and innovative techniques, are always characterised by a strong attention to details: finishing is made in an extremely precise way and materials are thoroughly selected to ensure a high-quality product, with no equals in the rest of the world. Please remember that this working respects the environment, since it includes the use of natural products. The choice is wide: from the type of leather to the model, from colour to dimension, you can find artisan leather bag for all tastes and needs.