Discover some of the best types of Florentine leathers.

Leather and other stories

When you need to buy a leather product do you ever wonder what type of skin you prefer? In fact, on the market there is a huge variety of types of leather, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities. The types of leathers usually go according to both the animal used, but also according to the methods of tanning, cutting, of various procedures, which mean that each type has a totally different yield from another.

Let’s go see them together!

Some types of animals used for leathers

The suede’s leather

We start from one of the rarest and therefore also less economical types of leathers that can be found on the market.

The suede skin, which attention is not the suede leather (term indicating a technique for processing other leather such as bovine or ovine leather), comes directly from the chamois, and sometimes also directly from animals such as deer and reindeer. The surface of this type of leather is very soft to the touch, and overly ductile and versatile.

It must be said, however, that hunting these animals is prohibited, which is why it is very difficult to find such products on the market.

The snake’s leather

Another exceptionally esteemed leather is snakeskin, frequently used in articles concerning the luxury fashion sector.

For example, python leather is very valuable, because on the surface it is formed by scales that represent unique designs, unusual and impossible to find in other plots. From the appearance of the snake leather could be a very fragile leather and destined to deteriorate in a very short time, in reality it is not so, this leather is very resistant and capable of lasting for many years.

The bovine’s leather

Bovine leather is the most widely used on the market. Normally this type of leather is used in the production of belts, (discover all the news on belts, click here), and bags, as it is characterized by a certain stability and solidity. More often than not, adult buffalo leathers are also used for furnishing products or for the automotive sector.

The crocodile’s leather

Here we are at one of the best types of leather on the market to date, which manages to unify aesthetics and durability. Crocodile leather is an exceptional leather, often used for bags, (here are 5 good reasons to choose a leather bag, read here), and not extremely large accessories. The most precious leather section is the one found on the belly of the crocodile, which is mainly used in the production of high fashion bags.

The cow’s leather

Last but not least the cowhide. This type of leather is the most famous and the most used. The leather is derived from the cow and then treated to the vegetable. A detail not to be underestimated is that to use this type of leather no animal is killed for this precise purpose, but instead cows are used for the food industry.

One of the main features of cowhide leather is that it virtually never deteriorates, and does not age, but changes color, darkens, so as time goes by the product made in this leather, changes style is modified and becomes another.