Essential features for your little treasure chest, the wallet.

The wallet is one of the daily accessories that we use and show off the most, just think every time we need to display a document or exchange money and then pull out of the bag, or pocket, our little chest.


For many, the wallet is no longer just a utility accessory, but a real element of clothing and for this reason much attention is paid to its characteristics during the choice of purchase.



To choose a good quality portfolio, there are some basic rules or characteristics, which you need to consider. Such as:


– Use Materials;

– Size and shape;

– Efficiency and functionality;

– Closure;

– Price.


For some, color is also fundamental, but we have decided to list only these types of characteristics because they are the fundamental basis on which we choose and make our products.


Use Materials

The materials used for the realization of a wallet tend to start from the leather tanned in Italy and selected by our best technicians.


The leather can be of different types, for those who do not want to give up the luxury and look for an accessory of pure elegance directs its choice on a python or crocodile skin, to give a timeless and timeless style to their outfit in detail.


Size and shape

Among the various proposals of Florence Leather Market we have about 89 products, one different from the other in shape and size.


Generally, men’s wallets are smaller and thinner, just for the practical use of inserting it in the pocket. Very often, in fact, the wallet accessory is replaced with card holders, see here an example.

Some models, however, for women are similar to small clutches, they are not able to store documents and money, but also with compartments to insert keys or cell phone. For those who love to travel and move lightly, see here.



As already anticipated for the wallet-purse for women, in an accessory as indispensable as the wallet or purse, it is right to consider its functionality not only aesthetic.


The wallet should contain zippers or compartments capable of holding without, crinkling and folding documents and passport, if any.

A very practical example can be found here with our Boris, in pure leather worked in a vintage way to give a touch of class to the object.



As for the closure of the wallet, it is good to remember that the men’s accessory tends to fold on itself precisely for the reason of practicality, as well as for a sporty and versatile style.


On the contrary, the women’s wallet can be enriched with zippers, zippers, elastics and much more capable of giving practicality and speed in closing and opening.


Last, but not least, is the price.


Florence Leather Market bases its company policy on the optimal quality-price ratio. There is a 99% satisfaction guarantee about this last point because the quality of workmanship and materials is incredible, in addition to the immensity of offers that we daily propose and offer as a basis for purchase.


We invite you to look at our virtual showcase and fall in love with our most varied products, from bags to wallets and purses.


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