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Gift for your man: here’s what to buy

Every time an anniversary approaches, the sense of gift panic can’t be missed, the anxiety of wanting to choose at all costs the best possible gift to make your loved ones happy gets stronger and stronger and indecision of what to buy reigns above everything. But have you ever wondered where the custom of exchanging gifts comes from?

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Let’s find out now…

The origin of the gift

According to some scholars, the exchange of gifts originates from the Greeks who, on special occasions such as birthdays, used to offer gifts to the birthday person because it was believed that these gifts had the power to protect the birthday person and the givers themselves from evil spirits. As for the exchange of Christmas gifts, scholars believe it derives from the exchange of Strenne, lush consecrated branches that the ancient Romans exchanged on the first of January as a wish for prosperity and abundance. These customs have been passed down to us and it is our duty to honor the traditions and at the same time make a good impression during the special occasion. There could be several occasions for which you are looking for a gift from a man. Is your boyfriend’s birthday coming up? Are you already thinking about the next Christmas gifts? Or are you anxious about what to get for your first anniversary?


Here are 3 great ideas to make a big impression


Surely you’re tired of seeing your husbands or your children use over the years always the same old belt, not giving a damn about the style and the idea of creating a minimum combination with a piece of clothing or why not? A combination with your handbag. If you are looking for a classic belt for your dad, a sporty model embellished perhaps with rope inserts for your boyfriend and so on. You will have no difficulty in finding the model of belt that best suits your needs and those of the person concerned. We at Florence Leather Market love to create leather belts for every eventuality. Take a look at our belt collection. 


They say that the clothes don’t make the man but the wallet does, unfortunately if you open your ears and pay attention, you can hear a small voice coming from the back pocket of every man’s trousers, it is the voice of a poor old wallet that has long passed its expiry date but continues to be used and serviced as it is “still working”. If you notice this item then why not direct your gift specifically towards a nice leather wallet? Here are some ideas that might be right for you.


The gym bag definitely falls into that category of items that every man would like to change but doesn’t want to spend money to do so and therefore, for every sporting occurrence, he uses the very old football bag from when he was a child or the one given by the gym with an annual membership. Probably nobody would admit the need to change his bag but, underneath it all, every man would like to look cool when he goes to train or when he goes to a football match. That’s why, in our opinion, it’s a really alternative and useful idea that is sure to please a lot! Have a look at “Borsone Fortunato” 

Now that you have it all figured out you just have to choose the perfect gift!

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