made bag



In this article we will know together the phases of the processing of leather bags and their relative creation by our skilled Florentine master craftsmen.


Of course, before we talk in more detail about the production process, we need to start from the beginning. 

What do we need before we create any project? An idea.

And it is precisely the idea that represents the first fundamental step for every single project, in our case for the processing of a leather bag.

Every brand has its own story, an idea, a concept to communicate.

Florence Leather Market wants to offer the precious Florentine leather Made in Italy, at a low price so as to make these artisanal creations accessible to more people.

With a well developed idea it is also important to join a trusted manufacturer who can help you to perfect the project and then the finished product, thanks to the exchange of knowledge and thoughts that takes place between professionals in the sector. 

It will be this exchange of knowledge that will make the idea a real product.

made bag

DESIGN : second step

The first thing to start from, to implement our idea, is the design of the products and the relative design of the individual models that we intend to create.

To be able to make the best product and therefore every single sample, the craftsman must be aware of all the particularities and details that characterize the leather bag.

A design is then made that corresponds to the base of the bag, and then continues with the sampling, which will lead to the realization of the prototypes.

CUTTING : third step

At this point, after having realized our prototype, we move on to the next step which is the cutting of the leather in the laboratories. This is one of the most difficult and important processing steps. The craftsman must have experience to be able to guarantee a product of excellence such as those offered by Florence Leather Market.

MODELLING : fourth step

At this point we move on to two other stages of the production process of leather bags: deburring and scarring. 

All models are composed of different parts, prepared in advance, which must then be assembled to get the bag. 

The pieces of leather that have been cut proceed to the “deburring”, thanks to which they are brought to the right thickness to be processed. Not all leathers have the same thickness, therefore, this step, must be carried out with great care and care in order to guarantee an excellent success of the product.

At this stage of processing, all the corners and edges of the bag are also blunted (a process called “scarning”). Afterwards, all the pieces will be glued and sewn together to give life to our bag.


Finally our project begins to take shape.

All the pieces that make up the bag are glued and then sewn, the edges are finished making them fit perfectly.

At this point our simple idea has really come true, thanks to the hands of our skilled craftsmen, our product is treated with attention to detail : the bags of Florence Leather Market exude creativity and Florentine quality.