real leather

How to recognize real leather?


At least once you will have happened to want to buy a bag, especially online and ask yourself if this was really real leather. Nowadays, in fact, it is absolutely not easy to recognize the difference between leather, eco-leather or even plastic!

In this article, Florence Leather Market, wants to give you some tips to be able to recognize a genuine leather bag from those in any other cheap synthetic material.

FIRST TIPS: attention to the smell!

Smell is the sense that can help us most in this mission…

Real leather has a unique and inimitable smell, different from all other materials, so it is easily recognizable. 

If the bag has an acrid odor, typical of leather goods, it will stick in your mind and nostrils. When it comes to synthetic materials you have to deal with neutral odors or they could even refer to oil and gasoline, this is because synthetic materials come from the processing of polyurethane and plastic.

SECOND TIPS: use the touch

One of the characteristics of real leather are its softness and its malleability, essential characteristics that can be found in all bags and accessories in real leather of Florence Leather Market on our website.

Genuine leather bags last perfectly for years, just take care of them with a specific moisturizer or with a neutral polish to be able to remove the imperfections due to wear and use over time.

This is not the case at all for handbags made of faux leather or synthetic, which tend to be easily damaged leading to those unsightly cracks on the fabric that surely you will have seen at least once.


THIRD TIPS: weight

Surely you happened to pick up a bag and think it was incredibly heavy even though it was empty? Well…this is not always a bad sign! When we talk about genuine leather handbag and Made in Italy quality, heaviness is a feature that is impossible to give up, especially if the chosen bag is enriched with details and pockets.

FOURTH TIPS: pay attention to the label

An important help is given to us by the label: the logo that declares “real leather” (or 100% VP according to agreements with brands) must be imprinted on the leather, printed or glued on each product and must also be indicated on the inner label where the other materials used are also described such as for lining, metals, closures etc…

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