How to revive the color of a leather bag


Owning a leather bag is definitely essential for every fashion-conscious woman being synonymous with elegance and durability. It can be combined with almost any outfit and is also perfect to be worn every day.

Unfortunately, after some time, the color of our leather bag can start to fade or just lose all the natural shine of when we just bought it. If you want to give a touch of life to your bag, continue reading this article because Florence Leather Market will give you some simple but great tips to be able to revive the color and brilliance of your favorite bag! 

Let’s see together how to take care of it…

How to maintain a leather bag

Leather bags are like plants or our skin, they need care! In this case it is therefore essential to keep it hydrated so as to ensure its natural shine.

Let’s summarize some of the main tips to keep in mind:

  • Moisturizes the skin of the bag with a gentle cleansing milk for the face thus removing the halos that may have created
  • Erase any stains with rubber (there are also specific rubbers on the market)
  • Intensifies the color of the skin with dyes of the same color and shines the skin with a neutral or the same color of the bag.

These are the basic steps to trying to keep your perfect bag longer, remember.. Prevention is better than cure!


How to improve your leather bag

Now that you know how to take care of your bag, let’s see together some ideas to improve it and make it unique!

In case your bag is simple and plain, a great idea to enhance it is to accessorize it! For example with a scarf, very trendy curled on the handle or knotted on the side, or with some jewelry to make the bag more precious and lively!

If, however, you have the artistic soul, a very cute choice is to try to paint the bag! You can cover some defects due to wear or make a simple bag a super personal and eye-catching accessory! However, make sure that the paint chosen is waterproof and suitable for the color of the skin, so as not to ruin your beautiful handbag!

Another very nice option is to match your favorite bag with a different or patterned shoulder strap! This will be a very trivial way to manage to change the appearance of your bag without having to resort to any change too drastic and irreversible.

These were some tips to manage to maintain your bag or repair some damage. With a little creativity you can transform your bag and make it special and fabulous.

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