ideal bag for a man

What is the ideal bag for a man?

Business bags are a category of bags designed for office tasks, to get around the city and carry documents. The most popular models are briefcases, but there are other versions that are equally practical, robust and spacious.

The business bag model par excellence is the classic leather┬ábriefcase. Its shape is rectangular and the inside is usually divided into two or three compartments. It’s got a larger central space, usually open, and smaller pockets that have often got zippers. There are many variations on this basic model, you can find them with a double pocket positioned on the front, with magnetic closures or buckles. They are usually rigid with a handle that can be combined with a removable shoulder strap. This bag with sharp, clean lines fully reflects the profile of a manager with clear ideas.

Another business bag model that every man’s closet should have is the so-called messenger bag. This model is the revisitation of what postmen used to use. Usually it has a rectangular shape, and in some versions the shape can be vertical. Its lines are more curved and soft, the shoulder strap is fixed and there are lots of variations. You can find them with a triple closure on the front or with no closure at all. The bag can be divided into two or three compartments, or it can be a single one. Its style is definitely less formal than the briefcase. Suitable for all ages, the messenger bag represents dynamism, character and spirit of initiative.

To choose the right bag for your man, keep three things in mind above all: practicality, colour and material. Usually the most valuable business bags are made of leather, because it is a very durable natural material. Leather business bags tend to be more durable because leather is both flexible and robust, and is also very nice to see and touch. The ideal gift for your career man? You already know the answer.