Add a small leather wallet to your accessories

Which leather wallet to choose


Italian handmade leather wallets ooze charm and elegance in equal measure. Designed and made from “A” class leather, they offer a must-have accessory for men who like quality items. The question small or large leather wallet, which one to choose, depends on individual taste and use. There is a huge range of styles and sizes of leather wallets to choose from, each handmade to be practical as well as fashionable. These everyday accessories are robust, elegant and functional, perfect for the man about town.

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Italian Leather Belts: Different Models And Sizes For Any Occasion

Different Styles and Sizes for Any Occasion

If you are looking for something to match your outfit; whether formal or informal, you may need to consider looking for an Italian leather belt. These belts come in different designs and colours to suit any occasion and are made from genuine and original Italian cow leather. Genuine leather belts are a must have for every fashion conscious man or woman. Italian leather belts are the way to for anyone looking for style, elegance and durability.  

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ideal bag for a man

What is the ideal bag for a man?

Business bags are a category of bags designed for office tasks, to get around the city and carry documents. The most popular models are briefcases, but there are other versions that are equally practical, robust and spacious.
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