Add a small leather wallet to your accessories

Which leather wallet to choose


Italian handmade leather wallets ooze charm and elegance in equal measure. Designed and made from “A” class leather, they offer a must-have accessory for men who like quality items. The question small or large leather wallet, which one to choose, depends on individual taste and use. There is a huge range of styles and sizes of leather wallets to choose from, each handmade to be practical as well as fashionable. These everyday accessories are robust, elegant and functional, perfect for the man about town.

Attention to detail

Genuine Italian leather wallets exude attention to detail with hand sewn seams, bill compartments and card slots. Soft calfskin leather wallets are available to buy in black, dark tan or brown. Each is as impressive as the next. Deciding on which wallet is right for you, large or small, can be narrowed down. A small leather wallet is just the job for carrying cash, credit cards and ID while a large leather wallet can carry small belongings like a cell phone or keys. Leather wallets can keep a man’s personal items safe and speak volumes about the user.

A handmade small leather wallet

Handmade Italian small leather wallets also have transparent slots for ID and coin pockets with button closures. Multiple compartments can help to keep cash, credit cards and ID separate while providing easy access whenever needed. It’s essential to choose a wallet that’s fashion forward and good looking, Italian handmade leather wallets certainly fall into that category. What’s more genuine leather wallets, large or small, offer better quality over wallets made from other materials. They are more durable, practical, comfortable and stylish. Attractive to hold, a small or large leather wallet will be an accessory you simply can’t do without.