LEATHER BACKPACKS by Florence Leather Market


The Florence Leather Market’s backpacks serve to give a touch of class and color to your look. These accessories are indispensable friends, they follow us everywhere and contain the most important things of our daily life.

Therefore, like friends, make a fair selection of who you want to have next! 

Backpacks are a good opportunity to give more color and practicality to everyday life. Observing the various models offered, it will be fun to choose from many shades of colors and beautiful materials.

All these models, in fact, are proposed with high quality materials and coatings, assured by a particular attention and care by our best Florentine artisans.

As is evident, in the great world of women’s bags, backpacks are an effective, but also efficient, resource to have with you everything that we consider important in everyday life.

Moreover, they are not only symbols of fashion, but a real mood.

The multiple advantages of a backpack

Both for work and study, the backpack is a practical and comfortable solution. 

Ideal for every age group and gender, thanks to this bag model we will have the opportunity to feel more confident and carefree, ready to face life. 

The proposals that you can find on our site offer the opportunity to find the right model for your needs: the wide selection proposed contains different types of backpacks that differ according to the shape and colors, including more classic models but also cutting-edge models for those who want to dare a little more.

Among the advantages offered by backpacks, there is the fact that your posture and your back will gain because, thanks to their functionality, the weight that will be contained will be distributed evenly over the entire back. This, in addition to comfort, will allow you to have your hands free so as not to alter even the interaction and gestures with other people.


Handmade genuine leather backpacks

Combine casual with sophistication? You can! 

Florence Leather Market backpacks are characterized by a sporty but elegant line.

Original backpacks, practical and of the highest quality. In fact, each leather bag is made with care by experienced and qualified artisans. Moreover, the leathers used are 100% Made in Italy and are treated and tanned in Florentine laboratories.

Florence Leather Market offers a wide range of leather backpacks, each of which is made with extreme care and attention to detail. From the largest to the smallest, from the brightest to the most neutral colors.

In the online store, you can find all kinds of leather backpacks to complete your look with a touch of originality.

In addition, their structure is very capacious and is equipped with pockets, ideal for ordering all the items you need to carry with you. By choosing a backpack by Florence Leather Market you will be sure to have purchased a trendy accessory but also at the best value for money!

Still not convinced? Take a look at the site, you will not be disappointed!