leather belt

LEATHER BELT: the evergreen accessory


The belt is one of the evergreen accessories. Indispensable in any wardrobe, it is a flexible strip generally of leather, fabric or woven fibers that is worn around the waist.

The belt has the function of support for garments such as trousers or skirts but, it can also have a simple decorative function.

Its name comes from the Latin term cingulum, which indicated the civil belt, while the military one was called balteus.


Its origins date back to prehistoric times: remains of metal belts from the Bronze Age have been found.

In ancient times it also served to distinguish the military, religious or civil rank.

The use of the belt had very precise “stylistic rules”: in the man, once it was fastened, the “tongue” had to end on the right side while, for the woman, on the left side. The logical explanation of this rule is given to us by antiquity and the use of the sword: the various types of belt did not have to hinder the extraction of the sword (carried on the left side and extracted with the right hand) For this reason, the end of the belt had to end on the right side to avoid any kind of hindrance.

The most common model, still nowadays, has a buckle at one end and holes at the other. By inserting the pin of the buckle in the holes you get the closure.

The presence of numerous holes, regularly spaced, allows you to adjust the width, to adapt it to the circumference of the waist of different shapes.

But it can also be equipped with any other type of closure or simply knotted.

leather belt


Are they used to support pants? Not only that!

Belts are an essential accessory of men’s and women’s clothing, a must have of everyone’s wardrobe.

They can match the different ways of dressing, the styles of each and the mood of the moment. There are those who decide to match them with shoes and those who, instead, decide to customize their look by mixing clothing and accessories.

Whether you are a lover of classic matching with tailored trousers and moccasins, or you are an experimenter of creative looks, there is one thing that will surely put you in agreement: the quality of Made in Italy belts by Florence Leather Market.

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Stylish clothing belts are distinguished by a clean and linear design that easily matches shoes and other accessories from special occasions.

We are not only talking about shiny or semi-glossy leather belts, but also those in tortoiseshell or crocodile style. Also the buckle does its part, because it must be combined with the buttons of the shirt or cufflinks near the cuffs.

The classic belts are chosen and worn daily: they are leather, soft and resistant and Florence Leather Market offers numerous models.

The choice of the best leathers, the precise design, the cut, the seam, the perfect holes, the finishes, the buckle that completes the work of art that is the belt. All this beauty becomes a finished product in the laboratories of Florence Leather Market, an accessory for everyday life and special occasions, a statement of your style and your personality.