Leather goods made in Italy: Veneto, Tuscany and Campania

Leather in All Shapes and Forms

From leather handbags and wallets to shoulder bags, clutches and business briefcases, leather is a versatile and classic material which produces a vast variety of beautiful and long-lasting products. The Florence Leather Market website is the ideal place to find an impressive variety of genuine leather goods.

Leather Goods Made in Italy  – A Quality Above All Others

The regions of Veneto, Tuscany and Campania are where the magic happens. The handcraft of creating Italian leather in these areas dates back several centuries. For this reason, leather goods made in Italy are considered to be superior to other varieties. Due to its vegetable-tanning process, Italian leather is clearly softer and more supple. It is also vastly more durable and will stand the test of time because of how it’s been preserved (chrome tanning is faster than vegetable tanning, but produces weaker leather which ages in a short space of time). Furthermore, leather producers in Italy carefully inspect animal hides in order to have a source product of superior quality. Equally, top grain leather is used for fashion items, which has undergone a sanding process that smoothes out any potential blemishes in the hide. For the consumer’s peace of mind, even though high-quality foreign animal hides may be used in producing Italian leathers, only a hide that is tanned in Italy can be considered Italian leather.  

Variety is the Spice of Life

The beauty of Italian leather is also its variety. There are a wide range of colours and styles available so it’s easy to find something for every taste. Moreover, prices range from the modest budget to the brand-loving budget, meaning that leather products do not have to be an expensive luxury but rather can make for an affordable and lovely gift. As Italy is a fashion centre, leather reflects the timeless Italian style. It will always be in fashion.