Simple Luxury With Leather Crossbody Bags

What is a Leather Crossbody Bag?

A crossbody bag made of soft and supple leather is a fashion accessory which provides versatile looks and many different options.  The bag can act as a purse or day bag and is generally square to rectangular in shape with a long strap where the bag hangs diagonally across the front of the body over one shoulder. Depending on the level of detail and trim, the basic crossbody bag can go from casual to elegant with ease. Such a bag might be worn by those who need the extra space which a crossbody bag provides versus a clutch purse or smaller bag.

What Features are Common in Leather Crossbody Bags?

Crossbody leather bags will be rectangular or square, and you will find that there is one long strap. They may also have zips to close the bag or fold over options with metallic snaps or belts. Some crossbody bags have several pockets on the outside, while others are one flat uniform piece of leather. Many casual crossbody bags will have additional carry handles and removable shoulder strap. This feature might take you from the gym to a business meeting, as good quality crossbody bags can give a similar look to a briefcase.

Common Uses for Leather Crossbody Bags

You can use the bag to carry things for business or personal life. Bags with side pockets can be used both as a purse and a cell phone holder. More luxe crossbody bags might go well with business attire, while mini versions of crossbody bags resemble a small purse. The main strap is sometimes made of gold or silver chain which would be used for an evening out and other special moments. These bags are useful for all of the same functions a purse or day bag would possess.