Come cucire la pelle o l'ecopelle

Makeup for sewing leather or eco-leather


Makeup for sewing leather or eco-leather


Italy, in addition to having a rich artistic, architectural, and cultural heritage, is celebrated all over the world, also for handicrafts, representing one of the strengths of the national economy.

Among the Italian regions, the most appreciated for its ancient craft tradition, especially at international level, is Tuscany. In this region, in fact, you can still admire the historic workshops of master craftsmen, where you can see how their skilled hands created these wonderful products.

Between tradition and innovation, Tuscan craftsmanship is considered one of the most prestigious and destined to remain for a long time. Its products, in fact, have always been considered of excellent quality and unique.

The masters of craftsmanship, also protagonists of the many exhibitions in the Tuscan territory, range from ceramics to iron, from paper to glass, from textiles to leather goods.


Handicraft products in leather and eco-leather

In Tuscany there are many shops dedicated to leather and leather processing, particularly appreciated to produce suitcases and briefcases, wallets, belts, and bags. In addition, there are many schools dedicated to leather processing, which create high quality craftsmen.

The method of manufacturing leather goods has very ancient origins. It dates back, in fact, to the distant 1200, through the development of the two very sophisticated techniques so-called tanning and plugging by hand. Over time, the art of tanning has been enriched with increasingly innovative and sophisticated techniques, which have made the leather accessory a high-quality product.


Methods of stitching the skin

Leather products are very special especially for their visible seams. These, however, can be ruined with the passage of time, due to rubbing or weathering, leading to the breaking of the wire, even the best. The sewing technique used could however slow down this process.

Even the skin can be sewn either by machine or by hand. It is obvious that a hand-sewn product, in addition to having a higher price, certainly has a higher value than a machine sewn, since it is made directly by a craftsman. The hand stitching also makes the leather product more durable over time.


This sewing method is the best known. Two wires are used: one is carried over by the needle and the other is carried under the so-called fuse. In this way it is possible to also use two threads having two different colors, thus making the seam more particular and, maybe, adapting the colors to the type of leather that you are working with.

It is a much faster and cheaper method of hand stitching, as it allows to shorten the processing time of the products, thus increasing the quantities.



The hand stitching, instead, uses a single thread with two needles, which pass in the same hole from the two sides of the skin, crossing at the centre.

The holes in which the two needles pass are, of course, made before their passage, otherwise it would be too difficult to pierce the skin only with the needle. To make them, similar tools are used to shape a fork with the teeth equally distant from each other, on which a hammer is struck. Another technique to puncture the skin, is to mark the distance between a point and the other through the so-called cauldron and, subsequently, make the holes with a single hand awl, called lesina.

In hand stitching, moreover, is often used which, lubricating the wire, makes this technique easier. Beeswax, however, not only facilitates stitching, but also helps to protect the wire from moisture and atmospheric agents, in addition to consolidating it to the skin. This allows any seam made in this way to resist for a long time.

It is easy to notice how this is a technique that makes the seam much more robust and safer than the one made by machine.


Florence Leather Market

The Florence Leather Market is one of the leading companies in the sale of high quality Made in Italy leather products, thanks to its skilled artisans who make every item by hand. It also offers a luxury product at a not too excessive price.

The raw material for the Florence Leather Market is fundamental, as it considers it the basis for making quality products. In fact, the product is made with the best Italian leather. The selected leather is worked in a natural way making the final product soft to the touch. The leather object is sewn by hand by the artisans of the workshop of Florence with very precise sewing techniques.

Within its collection you can find several genuine leather items such as bags, clutches, backpacks, belts, and wallets.

Leather bags are suitable for all occasions, every single detail is defined to make the article fashionable and practical. The original and practical leather backpacks combine elegance with casual. The clutches are very appreciated by women who need to use a small bag for special events. Belts and wallets have a well-defined seam and, thanks to the natural leather processing, are soft and practical.

The line of Messenger bags deserves special attention. They are large, comfortable, and practical bags with adjustable shoulder straps. Particularly roomy and durable, they are perfect for the office, since you can insert numerous documents, tablets, and any


electronic device. Finally, the Messenger bags are equipped with several pockets, both small and large, useful for those who need to carry many items even for a simple walk.



Today leather accessories are becoming more and more fashionable. Very appreciated are the leather bags, which make the outfits of every woman. But to be truly exclusive and original, the leather must be worked and sewn with professionalism, to make any product unique and quality. For this reason, it is very important that artisans use the most sophisticated techniques especially in the seam.