messenger bag


The union of style and practicality in a single accessory: Messenger Bag.


We know how important it is to know that you can always rely on the right accessory to deal with any activity of your daily routine. No doubt bags are among these indispensable items, that’s why there are an infinite variety of models.

Each one is more suitable in certain situations and specific contexts: shape, capacity, presence of pockets and shoulder strap are elements that must always be carefully evaluated when it comes time to choose. Among the types of bags, there are the ‘messengers’ also known as ‘postmen’. 

What is a Messenger Bag?

The messenger bag is the classic postman bag, which was used, more or less since the 50s, just by postmen when they were still used to go around the city by bike. The messenger bag, thanks to its capacity and its multiple internal pockets, allowed to better organize the mail and could be worn over the shoulder so as to get the maximum comfort possible.

Hence the motivation of the name “Messenger” which in Italian is translated as “postman”.

Over time, the evolution of design has transformed this accessory into an increasingly widespread object.

Nowadays, the Messenger bag represents the icon of urban fashion and casual style.

Inside the virtual catalog of Florence Leather Market you will find a wide selection of models and colors, ideal for both work and travel.

This model of bag represents the functionality and practicality of an accessory within our life; an accessory as trendy as practical, it can be considered as a representation of multifunctionality

messenger bag

A versatile accessory

The messenger bag can be considered, as well as a work bag, also a travel bag! There are usually multiple pockets, ergonomic handles, compartments (internal and external) and some models are equipped with a long shoulder strap that reaches the height of the side.

Moreover, this bag is often enveloped by a vintage aura that makes it iconic and very original (especially when made of genuine leather).

In short, as you will have understood, freedom of movement and practicality are the fundamental elements of this special type of bag!

To whom is it indicated?

Messenger bags meet every personal need, without sacrificing elegance, practicality and functionality.

It is the most suitable bag for those who want to live the city at its best or for those who have to face work/ study appointments without ever having to give up the elegance that a messenger in genuine leather craftsman can give to the wearer!

Perfectly combined with every daily outfit, we at Florence Leather Market are sure that you will love our super chic and functional messenger. Our site has a wide variety of high quality models, available in multiple colors, so as to be able to meet all kinds of audiences.

Browsing on our site, in addition to offering the opportunity to see the best models, all available in various sizes and colors, you can also compare various incredible prices!

In our wide range entirely dedicated to messenger bags, it will be a real delight to discover the model that offers additional pockets and compartments enough to meet every need.

As for the color, let yourself be carried away by your style and your taste, you will be spoiled for choice, because our messenger bags are offered in every possible shade, even in the trendiest ones.

Are you still thinking about it? Discover the messenger that’s right for you!