leather wallets

Small and precious leather chests: Wallets.


Born to simplify our lives, wallets, are to be considered the undisputed protagonists of our daily lives.

The wallet is an indispensable item for both men and women, for two reasons. The first, is purely practical and essentially serves as a “collector” of money, cards and documents. The second reason, even more important than the previous one, is linked to one’s own identity. Thanks to the wallet, we can express our style and communicate our personality.

Are you looking for a technical and accurate design wallet, both in finishes and aesthetics? 

The master craftsmen of Florence Leather Market come from years of experience in the manufacture and selection of the best materials and are therefore able to make finished products in every detail ensuring the high quality Made in Italy. Thanks to our wide selection range we are able to respond to every need and always satisfy customers.

Which wallet to buy?

Along with items such as bags and belts, wallets are considered part of fashion accessories.

However, there are some fundamental features for choosing such an important accessory and we at Florence Leather Market guarantee absolute clarity.

Our leather wallets are made of various patterns, colors and different shapes, so that everyone can choose from a wide selection on our online shop.

In addition to being original and versatile, the wallets of Florence Leather Market are made with the best leather on the market, this peculiarity makes them very beautiful and durable over time.

The wallets, both for women and men, of our collection, allow you to have at hand what you need by combining, therefore, practicality and a look that does not go unnoticed. We have specially developed a stylish collection of wallets available in different colors, sizes and styles.


leather wallet


The materials chosen for our productions are all of the highest quality. Good resistance is the focal point of our company ethics, we love to offer a great product in terms of quality, resistant both over the years and for weather events.

The size and shape of the wallet vary greatly according to the need that a person has; for this reason within our collection we have included many models, from the largest to the smallest, able to adapt to the taste of each of our customers. 

In addition, some women’s models are similar to small clutches, with large spaces for women who have no interest in carrying many accessories but want to bring with them the right indispensable during their outings.

Matching bag and wallet

Sometimes the wallet is chosen specifically to be matched to the bag. 

On Florence Leather Market, you can find these bag/wallet combinations, to make you immediately noticed thanks to elegance, style and originality.

Our collection is so wide, that it will be very easy to find the one that best suits your style and way of being. From neutral colors to irreverent patterns, also given by different treatments, you will have a wide choice of models.

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