New: Luisa bag

The “Luisa” bag is a delicious novelty that will be hard to resist! Elegant, functional, comfortable and very chic, “Luisa” is the perfect bag for work, an aperitif, the outing with friends, in short, for all those occasions when you need a practical but stylish bag.

There is room for everything!

Its capacity makes it the perfect companion for your longest days, a classmate for your impossible missions! Wallets, cosmetic bag, diary, smartphone, keys of house and car … you will not have to renounce anything!


Luisa, “the glorious fighter”

The name Luisa derives from the German and means “glorious fighter”; well, with this bag you can also triumphantly deal with your most demanding days, bringing with you everything you need, naturally with the utmost elegance!

Do you like the idea? So, you just have to choose the color and decide if you prefer to carry it over the shoulder or by hand, like a real “city bag”!


Unmissable accessory: the calf leather belt

A must in your wardrobe is the calf leather belt. First of all because the belt has many advantages: complete your outfit, support the skirt or trousers, it is an accessory that can enhance or change the style of your clothing, giving a soul to your look! A decisive and classy touch.

Soft, elegant and quality

The belt in calf leather, as well as being soft and elegant, is a refined accessory even if sober, in step with current fashion and, if crafted, conveys a sense of attention to detail and good taste in dress. That’s why you can not absolutely miss it in your closet. Whether it is thin or larger, suede, smooth or two-tone, the calf leather belt is confirmed as an original and trendy accessory.


Three useful tips

Three things you must not forget when choosing your calf leather belt:

  • Opt for a 100% Made in Italy accessory
  • The craftsmanship is a must
  • Try it always to test the best fit on you and the combination you like best


For an elegant look, choose an Italian leather backpack

Fashionable backpacks made in Italy

Handmade, genuine Italian leather backpacks are the real deal. Italian backpacks are trendy, stylish and comfortable to wear. These practical and easy to use fashion accessories are perfect for storing personal possessions or even carrying shopping. Genuine leather convertible backpack and shoulder bags are available to buy in an exciting range of colours from light red to fuchsia, tan/dark brown to dark green/brown. Made from real calf leather, they have rigid structures with large interior compartments divided by inner zips.

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How to keep real leather bags clean

Taking care of leather goods

You’ve probably invested a lot of money in a leather handbag. To make sure it stays a forever must-keep item, it’s important to take good care of it. Whether it’s an Italian handmade leather handbag, briefcase, travel bag, belt or wallet, the same care and attention applies. Always try to protect leather goods with a reputable leather cream or treatment. Try and do this from day one and apply at least every two or three months. Proper protection can stop stains, grease as well as damage that may be caused by inclement weather.

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Leather bag models: tell me what bag you wear and I will tell you who you are

Leather bag models the female soul


Take a woman sporting a soft calfskin leather shoulder bag in Prussian with a tan strap and I’ll show you a girl with a sense of fun, stylish yet practical as she hitches the bag under her elbow and hops onto a tram car in Vienna. She can hug the bag on her lap as she takes in the ambience of the locals and tourists around her. A bowling bag on the other hand, with a long adjustable strap, is worn by a ‘need to have it all with me’ friend who always has the tissues handy, the lip balm and other needful things that you love her for. Her bag is in pink with a decorative padlock to keep her circle of friends safe.

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