Unmissable accessory: women’s leather belt

If your strong point is the waist, why not highlight it with the right accessory?

The women’s leather belt is that touch of fancy, let’s say unfailing, that completes, enriches and gives femininity to the outfit. It is pure elegance, elegance in style and in details.

Just choose the right model among the endless possibilities: if you want to emphasize your waist, you can focus on a high belt, bust effect, which adds grit to the most essential and is perfect in combination with leather jackets, jeans or leggings and high heels . The more minimal and thin belt, perhaps with a metal buckle, is less decorative and more functional, while giving a touch of refinement to the look. You can indulge in trying the various models, the important thing is that it is leather, strictly craft.


Hand made


In the selection of accessories that enrich your wardrobe, a sophisticated and attentive woman can not deprive herself of a hand-crafted belt, cared for in every detail, such as to be unique and special, and able to transmit class and uniqueness who is wearing it. Because quality is beauty, and beauty makes you feel good!


Rich in qualities


A leather belt has multiple qualities, which make it an inevitable accessory for every woman:

– it is resistant to wear

– it is versatile

– it is soft and comfortable

– and adapts to all seasons

In short, the importance of a leather belt in life can not be denied, it can only be linked to one’s style!



Travel with style: leather messenger bags

Comfortable, roomy, ideal for traveling and perfect to carry all the essentials with you, without limitations.

The “messenger bag” is spacious by vocation: it was born in America and was, if we literally translate, the “bag of the messenger”, that is of the postman who made the deliveries by bicycle. In truth they used it, and they still use it today, people who like to travel by bike and, from overseas, the fashion of the leather “messenger” has come to us too. Those who love an eco-friendly lifestyle and go to work or to school by bike wear it on the shoulder or on the back, fastening it tightly, to pedal more easily.


Generous in space


This bag is full of surprises: generous in the space, it allows you to bring notebooks or tablets, documents and books, in short, the essential and beyond. It is in fact widely used by high school students or university students, instead of backpacks, as a companion during long days of study.

Stylish and original


The leather messenger bag gives the wearer, woman or man, a certain style, even a timeless charm. The most sought after version, in addition to the traditional shoulder strap, offers the possibility of being carried by hand, with ease and marked originality.

The typical design is square, with a wide front flap, suitable for both a more classic look and a casual, almost country version. There are many models available: with pockets and external zippers, cell phone pocket, metal details, with buckles or buttons, in different colors, smooth or aged effect …


Inseparable travel companion


As always applies to leather bags, this material guarantees versatility, strength and lightness to the accessory, which offers ease and maximum practicality. You will notice it immediately: the messenger bag is really easy to wear and in a short time it will become your best friend and faithful traveling companion and … separate from her will be really hard!



News: the Agnese bag

For women who love vintage, there is a fantastic news.

It is the Agnese bag, capacious and suitable for any occasion, both for work and for travel and leisure in general. It looks like a bag, with both handles and shoulder strap, and with a good range of qualities: generous design, extraordinary versatility, timeless and remarkable elegance.

Generous design

Agnese is a bit “the bag of desires”. Whatever you are looking for or want with you, it is in here! Thanks to the particularly generous design, the Agnese bag will allow you not to give up anything and to have with you everything, but really everything, tat is necessary for your days and your travels. The zip will help you to put your order, without going crazy in the search when you are in a hurry.

Extraordinary versatility

The Agnese bag stands out for its exceptional versatility: available in different colors, it can be carried by hand or shoulder strap, combined with a skirt or trousers, jeans or a suit, with a day or evening outfit. It will not disappoint you because for every occasion it has an extra gear!

Timeless elegance

The vintage design and the processing of leather give it elegance. An elegance that has no time, a refined freshness that will give a touch of uniqueness to your look. The name Agnese for the Greeks meant purity. Here, this bag is pure femininity!


The clutch bag in white leather

Bright and very tasty, the clutch bag in white leather is one of the recommended purchases for this spring / summer. Suitable for day and evening outfits, it is practical and elegant and gives a touch of class.

Do you want five good reasons to include this accessory in your wardrobe?

  • Versatility

The white leather clutch bag is versatile and adapts perfectly to spring and summer wardrobe, jeans and tops or a fancy dress or a more serious sheath dress.

  • Youth

It gives a jaunty and youthful appearance, despite being a fancy accessory, very chic and elegant.

  • Disengagement

The clutch bag can hold everything you need, without weighing, to accompany you in your outings with ease.

  • Perfume

Like all leather accessories, it has an acrid smell, so intense and unique, a scent that smacks of originality.

  • Softness

The leather clutch bag is soft, elastic and capacious. There are versions with multiple pockets, zip or button closures. The choice is up to you!

  • Brightness

The white leather is luminous in itself and gives a touch of light.

  • It is not delicate

Like all leather accessories, even if white, it is washable and resists stains well. A clutch bag for life? Maybe not, because fashion changes, but it is good to know that it will last over time.


Unmissable accessory: the leather backpack

Resistant and stylish, it has an extra gear. The leather backpack is an unmissable travel companion for those who love practicality and elegance.

For those who follow fashion, but do not want to give up comfort at work, at school or in their spare time, the leather backpack is a capacious accessory, versatile and suitable for all ages. There is none: life is consumed with a backpack on your shoulder!

For her

The women’s leather backpack is very topical and has definitely passed the shoulder bag. Black or brown for the classic woman, colored or metal for those who want to be glam and loves to amaze, decorated or fantasy for the most ironic and cheeky woman. In its different styles and colors, and in different designs, the leather backpack has an extra gear and an answer for all tastes, even for the most demanding women, who never travel in lightness!

For him

Even the man does not give up the practicality and style of the backpack in leather, to carry by hand or on the shoulder pc, tablet, documents and what is needed to make the routine work. The convenience of the pockets, internal or external, depending on the various models, offers the possibility to distribute the content without going crazy during the search for keys or smartphone.

For everyone

In the many versions available today – with padded shoulder straps, vintage effect or more minimal design, fantasy or with visible stitching – the leather backpack is a “cool” accessory that can make everyone happy. The backpack gives the possibility to have free hands, to run when you are about to lose the train or the subway, to hug the friend met on the street, to casually shake the hand to the boss when leaving the office, to bring with you everything you need without feeling “unbalanced” and above all of being fashion, giving yourself a tone, in every day. And it is the leather that gives that touch of refinement!