Types Of Leather Used To Make Fine Italian Leather Wallets

Why Is Italian Leather Better?

Italy has a long history and reputation for producing some of the highest quality leather in the world. So what makes Italian-made leather so much better? The answer lies with their leather making process.

Italian leather makers combine their years of tradition with modern technologies to produce some of the highest quality leather in the world. Whereas other countries nowadays manufacture mass-produced leather using chemical tanning processes, Italian leather makers use natural tannins from plant and vegetable extracts to produce their leather.

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The ideal gift for Mother’s Day, genuine leather handbags

The perfect Mother’s Day gift

Wondering what to buy your mum for Mother’s Day? How about a trendy leather handbag? Handmade real leather handbags are perfect for both work and leisure. Fashionable and classy handbags are fantastic for any occasion too including those special moments. Italian leather goods such as clutches, wallets, shoulder bags, cross body bags, travel bags and handbags are always made to the highest quality.  Eye-catching while robust at the same time, real leather handbags are a must-have for mums in the world who like to look good.

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Complete your outfit with Italian leather clutch bags

An Italian leather clutch bag, every woman’s accessory

Contemporary women sometimes go for the most convenient style rather than a unique item. In fashion terms this can be a mistake, after all individuality is important to ladies of all ages. An Italian handmade leather clutch bag can add a splash of fun to your outfit, whatever the occasion.  This minimalistic accessory will help you to reduce the amount of clutter in your purse while at the same time, giving you a sense of elegance and sophistication.

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small purses woman

Small purses for great women

Purses that are compact, but also functional and impressive. Pochettes, clutches and baguettes are small purses par excellence, symbols of femininity and refinement, as well as lightness and practicality. Ideal for those who always want to be elegant and stylish… with a touch of coquetry. Read more »


purse women

Purses: women’s best friends

“You can take everything away from me, but not my purse”. To a woman, a purse is never simply a place to put their things or merely a fashion accessory. A purse is a micro-universe of experiences, secrets and… small sins. For this reason, a purse is a woman’s best friend. Read more »