The history of the wallet, from its origins to today

The wallet, who, how, when and why?

The wallet is a very useful accessory, all have one of completely different shapes, colors and sizes. The choice of this accessory usually goes according to your needs and comfort, but also to your personal taste.

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It will be necessary to wait until the fifties for the wallet to transform completely. In fact, during this period the wallet will feature an addition of pockets and compartments to receive both coins and credit cards. To get to the wallet we know today, it will take a long time. Surely the transition from the lira to the euro in 2001 radically changed the design of this accessory. 

Wallet, purse, cart holder

The old liras, the cash, had rather large dimensions, so the wallet to contain them had to be rather large. In fact, until the changeover to the euro, the currencies were considered less, and therefore, even the portfolios, were not structured to include them. 

Before it was really difficult that a wallet was equipped with a coin holder, with the birth of the euro, the coins have quadrupled, so here is that most wallets have developed a pocket more.

At this point, in addition to changing size and design, the wallet has been associated with another accessory, the coin purse, perfect for those who want to keep the cash separate from the metal coins, or for those without this pocket inside their wallet.

The coin purse, descendant of the purse, was once used only by the female gender, but nowadays it is also used by men. Allied with the pocket for coins, the pockets for credit cards and ATMS have also become part of the design of wallets. In fact, after the Second World War credit cards arrived in the Italian peninsula, and this has meant that the wallet is also transformed into a card holder. 

Today’s wallets have an ergonomic design, minimal, not too large, able to fit into the pocket of trousers for men, and in the increasingly smaller bags, such as clutches, for women. Usually they are small, and extremely thin, for men, while women’s ones are usually enriched by a zipper, or as the old purses have a so-called snap closure.

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