The most iconic and desired bags in the world.

As we all know, the bag is a woman’s accessory par excellence. In fact, it does not represent just an object, but a way of being. In fact, on this last point there is a real psychology that identifies which person you are based on the bag you use.

The choice of the bag is like choosing a dress, because we always wear it according to the mood we have and the moment we have to face. Then, there are also trends that convey our choice and in this there are a series of bags that have made history.

Speedy by Louis Vuitton

The very famous Speedy trunk has acquired greater fame thanks to Audrey Hepburn who wore it frequently and for this reason it is now one of the most desired bags ever.

Today this model can be found in many materials and colors, as well as sizes to satisfy every type of need. Moreover, thanks to the various collaborations also with Urs Fischer, this model of bag has always been able to adapt and modernize.

Lady D by Dior

In 1995 the Chirac politician wanted to give Princess Diana a bag as a thank you for her first visit to Paris.

For this reason, Dior was commissioned to create a unique bag for Lady D, in black color, which later became the very famous handbag with rounded handles and D.i.o.r. charm.

A well-structured model of unmistakable elegance revisited over the years with a wide shoulder strap and softer construction to give the bag a more current look.

Baguette by Fendi

The Fendi baguette is inextricably linked to Sex and the City and Sarah Jessica Parker who in the film represents Carrie, totally in love with shopping and bags, showing extreme willingness to spend more on an accessory than a rent.

The price of this small handbag to keep under the arm is around 500/600 € for the simplest ones and has a rectangular shape enriched with decorations on patterns and materials.

Kelly by Hermès

Hermès Kelly, together with Birkin, represent a status symbol of the company thanks to its use on Grace Kelly in the film To Catch a Thief.

After the film, the actress seems to have fallen in love with the bag, so much so that she also needs to use it for her public occasions, especially during pregnancy to cover her belly.

The Kelly, in fact, represents a handbag with calf leather finishes, high handle and front closure with decorative padlock. It has all the characteristics of a refined and timeless it-bag.

In 2021 what are the most iconic models?

The three bags listed above have made history, but what are the bags that women aspire to most nowadays?

Balenciaga motorcycle bag in soft lambskin, with a price ranging from € 1050 to € 1500

Falabella by Stella McCartney which has depopulated in recent years with its chain at the edges, ranging from € 600 up to € 950

Luggage by Celine made of pure leather and different colors, both in mini and maxi size, for the modest sum of € 2500

Some of our models, obviously adapted to the style of Florence Leather Market, can be found here as the Bauletto, here as for the classic Lady D and here for example for the baguette so loved by Carrie from Sex and the City.