The origins of Florence and the noble craft, the leatherworker.

The Florentine leather is known around the world as a guarantee of good quality and tradition Made in Italy.

How did the craft of leatherworking come about?


The art of this craft dates back to 1200 with headquarters in Pisa for the best tanneries in the area. Here, they had a great availability of hides and raw materials supplied by Sardinia and Spain where the greatest cattlemen of the time resided.

On October 9th 1406 the Florentine citizens decided to move towards the birthplace of the tannery, Pisa, to conquer the city and acquire the trade. By doing so, the richest and noblest families of Florence decided to invest on the tanning artisans by moving the production to their city.

Since the beginning, the production of leather was established near the Arno river between Piazza Santa Croce and Piazza Signoria, creating the District of Santa Croce which was and still is the heart of craftsmanship.

The proximity to the river Arno was fundamental for the supply of leather and industrial development, to ensure an optimal tanning process thanks to the amount of water and the transport of goods.

Leather goods managed to remain, despite market crises, always a sector in great expansion ensuring jobs to more than 20 municipalities in Tuscany.

An incredible fact for those times!

Currently how important is it?

According to some statistical data the Tuscan leather industry indicates the main manufacturing sector in Italy, always up-to-date with market trends by responding to consumer needs with innovation, quality and historical custom.

In 2019 for example, the Tuscan leather industry went from 6 to 8 billion in exports, marking a 33% increase in overall turnover! Well, that’s not all!

Some of the biggest international brands reside on the province of Florence, taking advantage of the historical reality, the tradition of craft handed down and the best leathers around.

Florence Leather Market Ethics

What Florence teaches about the art and nobility of manufacturing, represents the general ethos of our company Florence Leather Market, which selects and produces with the most careful attention to detail.

The thing that distinguishes us is the constant research of market and target customers to remain always relevant with our products and satisfy our consumer.

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