Pink pouch on black dress and sunglasses with the words "short history of the pouch"

The pouch, history of a centuries-old accessory


When talking about pouch, it immediately comes to mind that a particular accessory has grown in popularity especially in recent years. Suitable for sports environments and extremely practical, the pouch has gradually become an increasingly accurate accessory and also suitable for casual situations.

What perhaps not everyone knows, is that the pouch is a product of centuries, and that Florence Leather Market has been able to carefully revisit to propose it to modern customers.

The origins

The oldest version of what were the first pouches dates back to the time of homo sapiens, where a bag was applied to a rope. Over the years the practicality of this element has been rediscovered in the years of war.

Now as already mentioned this product is back in vogue, and although few people would think to wear it outside of sports contexts and outdoor trips, the pouch is actually still today a great ally for those who do not want to give up comfort and appear in the latest fashion.

The pouches of Florence Leather Market are iconic and fashionable leather products and made by skilled hands of skilled artisans.

Fibbia di borsa in pelle marrone scuro

Made in Italy and absolutely high quality, their design and their characteristics can vary deeply, to better adapt to the needs of each buyer

The characteristics

Although the models may be different, some of the main features found in each pouch can still be identified. It certainly starts from the bag, the real “body” of the pouch, which can contain objects and in turn accommodate other pockets, both internal and external. Another fundamental feature is certainly the presence of zip. A real pouch can have buttons, but it wouldn’t be a complete and practical model without the presence of comfortable zippers. Last fundamental point, but certainly not for importance, is the buckle. Both in fabric and leather, the adjustable buckle makes the pouch such.

The models proposed by Florence Leather Market clearly have many different details and finishes, but a common line that is repeated in each of them.


For the realization of the pouches, have been chosen of the practical and comfortable designs, as well as attractive and innovative. Among the most requested ones we must certainly mention the pouches for men in real calfskin. Available in five different colors, this model has sober shades such as dark brown, brown and black, and other more flamboyant and lively colors such as orange and red. Characterized by a textile shoulder strap to wear on the shoulder and multiple external zippers, this simple and practical model represents the modern style accompanied by tradition (which is called by the symbol of the metallic lily at the top). The interior, fully lined with fabric, hasPerfect for men who are always on the move and need comfort in two pockets, one with and the other without zip. Perfetto per gli uomini sempre in movimento e che necessitano di comfort.

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