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The right bag for your body, discover it here

Bags are a very important accessory for women, and each one has at least one pair in its closet.

Some, on the other hand, have dozens. Indeed, they are objects that can distort simple looks and give an added touch to casual outfits.

In addition to the aesthetics, which makes the bags so appealing and desired, another important factor is their comfort. In fact, practicality and glamour often come together in a single object: the bag

Of course, on the market there are plenty of them, of all colors, materials and sizes. There are the large bags, the mini ones or the middle measures, the shoulder bags, the briefcases or the shoppers, and again, the bags of high craftsmanship and queens, leather, fabric or plastic. I mean, each one her favorite kind of purse.

Right bag for tall women

If you’re lucky enough to be tall, then be already quiet because virtually every bag pattern suits your physique. If you really want to score, try these tips.

With large bags, such as shoppers or even backpacks, you always play it safe, because only a high physicality can be balanced with large bags.

What I said, however, does not mean at all that you cannot wear clutches or mini bags. The latter, in fact, are able to balance the figure, softening the pronounced height and thus softening it.

Bags ideal for small figures

On the contrary, if you are not too tall, there are models of bags that are ideal to look taller.

First of all, for your petite figure the maxi bags are not recommended. The reason is simple, they would risk highlighting your height even more.

borse in pelle di vario colore e forma

For these reasons, oriented on medium or even small bags, which even if they appear less practical, are definitely winning for your physicality.

Bags for plus size

There are also some models of bags that allow us to hide some flaws or even appear leaner and slender.

For example, the maxi bag helps a lot to look slimmer and gives balance to the figure. In fact, especially if you choose a model to wear to the arm, an XL bag will camouflage and make the critical points of a woman look smaller, such as the hips or thighs.

Another model that helps to look leaner is the pointy shaped bag. Although it is unusual and typical of catwalks, nothing prevents you from wearing one every day. These bags, with geometric shapes and sharp angles, help to make the figure seem more tapered.

To slim the figure, which is a great idea when you are a strong size, instead, the ideal bag is a bucket, geometric and rigid that stretches the figure without weighing it down. If you then choose a bucket that develops vertically, the effect of momentum on your silhouette will be evident and assured.

If your problem is wide hips, for example, you should shift your focus to other parts of the body. So choose models of carry bags attached to the shoulder or very short shoulder straps that attract the eye on the top of the body.

Instead, if you have a very large breast, you should avoid the short handles, which risk enlargeing the area of the cleavage even more. In this case, you can opt for bags with long handles or to wear on the forearm. That way the attention will be shifted from your breasts.