Bags and personalities

What does a bag model say about your personality?


Leather is a frequently used material for manufacturing fashion accessories. Not infrequently however, what you buy has a poor quality, and both aesthetically and functionally you end up having a poor product.

Florence Leather Market is one of the leaders in the leather industry. Every product, absolutely luxury, is able to guarantee a quality that many other brands do not possess. In fact, these are handmade models 100% Made in Italy.


Leather bags are certainly one of the most popular accessories when it comes to leather. The choice in this case is really wide, both for the models, and for the specific characteristics.

Genuine leather bags are suitable for any occasion, and include: travel bags, clutch bags, messenger, shoulder bags and much more.


Born in France in 1700, this small leather handbag was often used by women of the time. Today recognized globally, this model enjoys a popularity not indifferent. The refined sewing techniques are such as to make the wearer, a person with a careful and careful look. Treated with completely natural procedures, clutches offer a practical choice for those who need an accessory. Small size and suitable for evenings out.


So called because previously used by postmen, these models are widely recognized for their practicality. Thanks to its remarkable size, the bag can be used to hold many objects, and above all to be taken to workplaces.

The messenger that Florence Leather Market realizes stand out for their production 100% hand and for their resistance. Equipped with various pockets, these models can contain everything you want.

Perfect especially for informal occasions, among the most popular models we find Freestyle, genuine calfskin bag available in six colors. Equipped with two buckles and zipper, this model offers liveliness and comfort to those who wear it.

The Mirko MM is another very popular model for its careful finishing and its silver details. Also made of calfskin, inside has two pockets to hold pen and cell phone. 


The handbags category is one of the most appreciated by women, especially because of its practicality but also for its beauty at an aesthetic level. Owning one means in fact being able to lead a life that may be hectic, without sacrificing comfort and the need to bring many objects with you. The capacity of these bags is not to be underestimated.

borsa in pelle a tracolla

The model Giulia GM, is a business bag in calfskin Soffiano, very capacious. Characterized by a rigid structure, the bag has two handles and a removable shoulder strap as well as adjustable. Produced 100% by hand in Florentine laboratories, this model gives elegance and an extra touch to the wearer.


The category of travel bags is absolutely not to be forgotten. The models are many, and are distinguished by their comfort and certainly for their capacity.

Fortunato is the high-quality travel bag made with a combination of semi-soft and semi-rigid leather. Also made in Florence, thanks to its large size can contain many objects, making it a perfect travel bag. Equipped with handles and removable shoulder strap, it can be easily carried by hand or on the shoulder.